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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More contest clues

Before I give you the clues to where I've gone to blog comment, I wanted to tell you that I've been accepted by the Amazon Shorts program, and so you'll soon be able to purchase shorter works by moi there, like, for fifty cents or something. Those will be found under my real name. (Jennifer DiCamillo)

In other writing news:
I've sent out three manuscripts this week, to editors I met at Epicon, and am preparing two more for an agent. Wish me luck on those. The minute I go to put them together, I panic, want to pour over them again and fix them. I get insecure. I one will want these. But I need to use positive thinking. THESE WILL BE SCOOPED UP AND SOLD and make me millions. Or something.

There are lists of the authors/people who went to Epicon Conference posted on Yahoo and at the Epicon Conference site, I think. So, you can skim the list for names that might fit with the clues. Might make this contest easier. And, if you can or can't find it, but post here one way or the other, you'll be entered into my blog posting contest/monthly drawing for the $10 gift certificate.

Now, for the clues you've been waiting for:

My first stop this morning was to an author's site that made me think of a musical because her last name IS the name of a classic book. Interested in Japanese stuff?

My second stop was to a blogspot that starts SENSUALWRITER. Sexy stuff there. I'm sure you'll want to see what she's got going on. And coming. (hehe, pun intended)

Third, I dropped in on a blog of an author who has since requested to be removed from the contest, so this clue is removed. (But, if you saw where it was and have it on your list, I'll count it.) IF I have more authors NOT wanting me to blog on their blogs, this contest may be closed down early. So, get your lists while you can.

I'm apparently challenged today. I went to many more sites but couldn't find blogs, or where to comment on the blogs. So, you only have three clues today. Good luck in finding them.

Do you think the clues are too hard? Do you think it's better if I just give the links? Will any of you try and figure out the clues?

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