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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New contest clues

Remember, we're doing a "Where did Carys go" contest. Other author blogs. Make a list. Contest runs until the end of April. If you post on the blogs when you find them, and say anything about me (like post a comment about my comment or contest or say I sent you there), you'll be in for another $10 gift certificate drawing.

Clue one: I went somewhere yesterday and the writer commented here already, saying she might have to steal the contest idea.

Clue two: Been somewhere this morning, and the writer's nickname is Penny--but that's short for...

Clue three: She doesn't look like a pirate, but I'd swear this writer is related to Davy Jones. She doesn't look like an actress, but to her all the world's a...

Clue four: There's a fickle muse out there and it's helping a girl named Linda.

Clue five: I'm gonna give ya this one. It's a bravenet online journal. Author's name is Denise P. Jeffries.

Be sure and comment and say you were there because you're participating in the contest. I already explained that I'm doing a contest. So, it'll be cool.

Now, go and find these author blogs, post, and make a list of where you've been. Five more tomorrow.

AND THE BEST PART IS...let us know if you saw anything great, or intriguing. Feel free to drop mysterious clues about what you've seen. We can have a lot of fun with this if you play the game.

Love ya.
Have fun in life. K?

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