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Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy weekend

My oldest daughter flew in on Friday evening. Because we're italians (okay, my husband and kids are)--we celebrated with spaghetti, the old family recipe, and homemade bread and salad. It was pretty funny. My son in law is NOT Italian and we put him in charge of making 5 lbs of meatballs. You can imagine how it went, probably. He got tired of meatball making real quick. So, we had to keep an eye on him and continually say, "HEY. No fist sized meatballs, buddy!"

Saturday, I tortured the whole family with Olan Mills pictures. I'd like to say I'll be posting them on my blog, but you guys are still waiting for prom dress pics. If you could go to my myspace page, and click my friends (my kids), you could see these people I keep talking about.

What next? Then we barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers and might just have met the guy my oldest daughter will marry. His name is Andrew. He's cute. I'll give you more info if it develops into something worth talking about.

Bottom line? My married daughter set them up. Or him up. Invited him to a family bbq--and the guy sat out there with me and the sister's inquisition team after my husband and son went inside to play xbox. Is that a tough man or what? I was impressed that he didn't take the easy out and slip inside...which means he liked my daughter at a glance...enough to put up with us drilling and grilling him. "Where do you come from? Tell us about your family. You like dogs? You have any weird habits?" (Yeah, we dig deep and quick. Scare them off or find out what they're made of. Ya know?) Then my son-in-law started in on the guy. That was too funny. "Got any freaky habits?"

The guy wants to be an elementary school teacher. NICE guy. Shocked and horrified by some of our questions...but answered them with a smile, eying the "intended bride" with a lot of humor.

She bailed him out by saying, "Let's go bowling." He jumped on the escape clause.

Sunday, my youngest daughter graduated. We went out to eat at a mexican restaurant that serves the best flan in Springfield, Missouri. Intended second son-in-law did not come. Guy has finals or something. (good excuse)

But, he managed to squeeze time after the girl dumped US. And, I just got the call--he kissed her, and it was good. So good she's gone out and bought a new outfit.

Are we silly, or what?
The reality is...she lives in Nevada and he lives here. (I secretly hope he lures her back.)

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