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Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Paris Hilton?

Ack. I'm probably gonna upset someone by stating my politics on the Paris Hilton situation. LOL

Sometimes the world amazes me with its stupidity. You've probably heard of Paris Hilton being pulled over for driving under the influence, then subsequently going to court and being placed on probation.

She was pulled over while driving double the speed limit without a license (suspended) and has since been sentenced to serve time. That's how our system works when people blatantly defy the law.

Some yahoos decided to create a FREE PARIS petition. I cannot, in all conscience, point you to that. I can point you to the DON'T FREE PARIS petition.

Now, me, personally? I am a law follower (for the most part.) But I think the traffic laws are mostly idiocracy at work. Sure, slow down in a school zone. Maybe a hospital zone. Drive responsibly (i.e. not under the influence of mind altering substances. Get yourself a designated driver.)

But I would rather my tax dollars go to pay cops who will actually protect and serve me by catching real criminals like the drug dealers down the street that sell to teens and those damn bomber types. I think traffic violation fines go mostly to pay for the cops annoying us regular folks...

says the woman who has had two tickets for driving THREE miles over the speed limit and got pulled over outside of Houston last week for changing lanes a little too quick. That was because a cop raced up behind me in the left lane, no lights on, but super fast. I turned my signal on and got over. He slid in behind me and hit his lights. (The asshole) Said he thought I cut over in front of the semi behind us too fast. NOT HALF AS TIGHTLY as he did. It was a no money ticket. Just a warning. But I cried anyway because I follow the law and felt totally harassed.

I'm horrid, though. Once I got over my sad tears, I went to angry and wished him impotence and some terrible genital rash (the dumb bastard.) A million people passed me on that highway, one Lamborghini exotica going 110 (guestimate). Did that guy get pulled over? No. I did...for getting out of the cop's way.

And we pay these assholes? Seven people were pulled over in that ten miles stretch outside of Houston. It was the end of the month, they were working on their quotas. That's total bullshit.

I'm surprised more of them aren't popped with road rage guns and driveby's. That time will surely come if they keep up the present quota crap, don't you think?

Should I state that I'm not encouraging it but think who will be surprised when it happens more and more? Sooner or later the middle aged women of America like me will be the ones doing that. We'll just go postal and say, "NO MORE." Or something.

I think that every time I get friggin' strip searched at the airport while afghani types waltz through customs with smiles on their faces, not searched because we wouldn't want to target the profiled "most likely to bombers". It's insane. EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO ON A FLIGHT I am strip searched. When EVER did you hear of a fat middle class (low class?) white American mother of five bombing anybody? NEVER.

Who makes these stupid laws up? (Idiot men?) I say PROFILE THE BASTARDS and stop every one of the most likelies. Cavity search them, too.

Okay. I vented on that. I'm not really a racist. Just tired of being harassed when I am the least likely to...wait...if they keep pushing I am a mother of five. I have to set an example. Ya know?

Back to Paris and DUI and whatever. Where was I? Talking about drug dealers down the street?

I'm a prescription girl myself. Gimme pills that are lab certified. That aside, who cares if you smoke pot in the privacy of your home? Or have a nightcap before bed or wine with your dinner? As long as your kids and bills are not being neglected/abused/mistreated. (Which means I don't agree with doing it (drugs)while kids are in the house.)

Back to Paris...I don't think driving a little fast is a criminal act. DUI, on the other hand, endangers others. Can I encourage designated drivers too much? Or say take a cab, babe...?

I'm one of those people that watches COPS and thinks the cops are the biggest danger on the road. I mean, those high speed chases? Stop endangering the world. Let the criminal go, watch him by helicopter and when he stops for gas or to hole up, then nail him. But don't high speed chase him down MY highway. He wouldn't be driving so reckless if you weren't careening after him. (Just my thought.)

What do you think? Should I delete this post so people don't know how I really feel about police officers? Every one I know (and some are friends, btw)are buttheads. You know, wannabe types who were uncool and thought the uniform and license to pack a gun was some improvement in character.

I miss the days when I was a little girl and cops were my friends and I felt like I could ask one for help.

Once, I saw some people broke down in the desert of Nevada. I stopped and they asked if I could call a highway patrol for them. So, I drove up the road and saw one parked. I told him they needed him and he said he'd go and help. I had a bad feeling, though, so I waited until he went around the curve and I turned around, too. I came around the curve they were at just in time to see him slide in, circle them, NOT talk to them at all, and take off again. I pulled in and asked, "Did he even ask what he could do to help you?" The answer was no. I ended up going to a phone and calling someone in their family. But they had to wait a lot longer for me to do that than if he had stopped and got the info and relayed the info for them.

I file complaints on people who do that sort of thing now. He was doing nothing out there. It cost him nothing to relay the need for a wrecker.

Now, if you have a cop in the family, go ahead, build up my faith in policemen. Tell me they aren't all jerks.

Like I said, I have some friends who are cops. I feed them dinner sometimes. Gimme some stories about good cops. I'd like to tell them next time they come over.

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My ex-brother-in-law is an Oklahoma Highway Patrol. I have a cousin who's currently a police officer in a small town. She's applying to the OHP as well. They're both wonderful people, though I'm sure if you asked anyone they've pulled over, they'd say the two wonderful people were complete assholes. I think it's a matter of circumstances affecting perception. :)

By Blogger Jen, at 9:25 PM  

I always laugh my butt off when I get searched at airports. I always say "I'm a middle-aged mild-mannered fat woman. I've never felt so safe from myself."

By Blogger Glenna, at 9:04 AM  

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