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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Definitions of...

There's a billion words out there, probably, that I have never heard or don't know the definitions of...even if my vocabulary is much better than the average bear's.

I have most likely mentioned that my family is blessed with high IQ's--but that I consider us all more like idiot savants than geniuses. (Not an IQ below 125--and that's in my extended sibling network.) Why am I bringing this up again, now?

Because the son I almost never talk about has done as he often does. His first words to me this morning were, "Good morning, Mom. I was thinking about dutronium--"

I looked at the ceiling above my head, wondering where I had heard that before.
Dutronium. Hm.

Oh, yeah. Lost in Space. Weren't they in search of that to power their energy cells or something?

Because I wasn't completely sure, I did a google search. And yeah, it was something made up for Lost in Space. I'll bet money Emma and Vickey knew that straight up. Probably wouldn't have had to google it. How about the rest of you? Anybody say, "Oh, yeah. I know exactly what dutronium is."...?

Folks from the sf convention COMICON were using it on their forum.

I am constantly amazed at the world wide web and what you can find.

But, what else to wandering eyes did appear?
Turns out some wisecracker (named MacDonald) in the Canadian assembly actually used the term dutronium while addressing his peers. It's even been referenced in the index to the session...which almost makes it seem like a legitimate fuel source.

I typed in FUNKY WORDS and found this site:

Here are a few highlights that caught my eye immediately:
pomicione is Italian for "a man who seizes any chance of being in close physical contact with a woman"

senzuri is the Japanese word for male masturbation, or literally "a hundred rubs"—compare the word for women's good times, shiko shiko manzuri, literally "ten thousand rubs" (did they get the math right?)

buz-baz is ancient Persian for "a showman who makes a goat and monkey dance together"

Just had to share.

In other news, I'm leaving for Oklahoma City today. You can catch me at the Embassy Suites on Meridian. I'll be there until Sunday. I know I'm gonna see Vickey and Jen N. there...which means I'll have friends and fun.

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You know...

I have never heard of dutronium. lol

We (being me & a friend) are planning on leaving here about noon. That should put us in Oklahoma CIty about 2-ish. Maybe 2:30.

By Blogger Jen, at 6:35 AM  

Im sorry Carys, but in reading your blog I cant help but ask if you are really as into yourself as you let on to be or is all of this an act??? And let me guess Bon Jovi is still after you too. You must be a member of Mensa and will probably be the next to win the Nobel Prize for literature. Reality check time!~

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 AM  

Uh, Anonymous dude(tte), how much have Carys' blog have you read?

And have you really read it or just skimmed and think you know what's going on?

By Blogger Jen, at 5:49 PM  

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