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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A rose on my pillow

I arrived home from the Romantic Times Convention around 9:30ish last night. My husband talked to me on the phone for most of the last two hours, then came to the door the minute I pulled up, and out to my car to kiss and hug me when I arrived.

THAT was great. He made me feel so good.

Then, we talked about the thing for a bit and I caught up on what the kids did while I was away. (The son--not much. The daughter--something about a boy spinning circles in her English class while saying "I'm a dirty candy whore." Yeah. Who knows what started that?)

Not long afterwards, we went to bed. I mean, I'd been in the car for over 12 hours and was tired. Not to mention, I got very little rest while away.

What, to my eyes did appear? ON MY PILLOW was a beautiful white rose. How sweet is that?

That got followed up by pillow talk and playtime. I went to sleep feeling very glad to be home, and glad to have an air conditioner in the bedroom.

More on RT tomorrow. But let me say'll wanna tune in. I'm gonna talk about Elora's Cave cover models.

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Man. Sounds like you've got you a real sweetie. :)

I'll be all ears for the cover models talk. lol

By Blogger Jen, at 7:06 AM  

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