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Thursday, October 18, 2007


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Dr. D. created a quicker way to die, a small capsule filled with something called Angel Vapor. The company secured her ability to finish her research by putting her under contract for the cy-droid program—which revives the dead, and implants the necessary parts to get the deceased up and running again.

So, DeAnna, a cy-droid human in post third world war America, needs to get control of her remote control. Genius-rated scientist Adrian helps her outsmart NatDef but can he get them out safely?

Her fingers slid over him, touching every dent, every sculpted muscle on his torso.

It made him shiver. When she trailed a fingertip over his pec, to his nipple, he grabbed a hold of it. She tugged free and before he could stop her, she’d bent toward him and put her mouth over the small nub. And sucked.

Adrian groaned. His hands, of their own accord, wrapped around her. One went to the back of her head and the other dropped to her hip. And that one made the unconscious move of squeezing, drawing her closer.

He couldn’t have said how long they stood there like that before she moved to the other side of his chest and then, eventually, let her lips trail down the line of hair that went from his navel lower. When Anna went to her knees before him, he looked down.

Part of him wanted to tell her to go ahead....

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