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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hitler's Art

I know I said I'd probably talk about SoonerCON, the science fiction convention I went to this last weekend but I'm gonna put that off until tomorrow. Sorry for another day's delay.

I turned the tv on this morning--which is always a no-no if I really want to get serious and write, but sometimes I do it before I think. Anyhow, I have a few favorite movie stars, and John Cusack is one of them. I saw a movie he was in titled MAX. He plays an art dealer in 1918 and buys and sells some of Adolf Hitler's artwork.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I suppose I'd filed away the fact that he had aspired to be an artist at one time. But there's a lot of facts rattling around in my brain that I've put "out of mind."

Anyhow, the movie had me intrigued enough to go look at his art. I thought you might like to check it out, too.

There are links in the middle of the page here:

And you can click on the pics down the left side of the page here to get a closeup view:

You can find more if you google Hitler's Art. That also led me to a page that had quotes from Hitler about being a Christian. I guess I hadn't ever thought about his religious affiliations before.

I find it fascinating, though, that so many people count themselves Christian (over the years) and then go out and kill in His name. I don't read anything in the scriptures that suggest to me that He would approve of murder in His name. (But that's how I read it.)

Here lately, though, I've seen a lot of professing Christians whom I'm pretty sure Christ would NOT agree with. Like that long time mentor/preacher of Obama's, Jeremiah Wright. I'm fascinated by the footage of some of his sermons on youtube. In case you haven't seen them, you might want to go here:

Turning the topic a little here, in more than one video sermon, Wright says Obama isn't rich. What do YOU think the definition of rich is? Where is the financial level of income that constitutes wealthy in this country?

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