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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pushing a suicide jumper?

Did you see the headline about the suicide jumper in China who climbed up onto a bridge, contemplating suicide while police cordoned off the road, blocking traffic for five hours? Apparently a guy got tired of the drama and went up, shook the man's hand, and pushed him. I thought it was funny when I read it. (The guy survived.)

You can read the full story here:

I completely understand someone being suicidal. But it appears more like a plea for help and attention when a man goes to a public bridge and contemplates it for five hours while traffic backs up, giving police ample time to inflate a jumping mat below...and some stranger time to get annoyed enough to go up and push him off the bridge.

And my girls call me a drama queen.

I would never go to a PUBLIC bridge where traffic is thick. But, apparently, that particular bridge is very popular for the suicidal types in the area. The article says 19 people have tried to jump there since APRIL. Nineteen. I had to lean back and say, "Wow."

So, apparently, people in China have as much trouble, or maybe more, with money than we do. The article didn't say if any of the others had accomplished their mission to die. I'm thinking the cops should just keep the mat out there.

The guy who was pushed broke some bones. I bet he'll sue, get the money to pay his bills, and it will be all good for him. He could probably also sue the police for allowing the man to break through the police barricade. Then, if the man who pushed him is broke, he could still get his bills paid. I mean, doesn't their lack of prevention thereby make them accomplices now?

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I read about that.. I was thinking the same thing. Law suit..
We are getting ready to leave for the mountains on Tuesday. Hoping no storms this year when we cross Kansas and Neb.Go to facebook, please....

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