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Monday, June 01, 2009

Oooh the poor mexicans!

I'm against illegal aliens in this country. I believe we provide plenty of legal ways to be in our country, and those who don't want to do the paperwork can stay out. (I know, it's not politically correct, but I don't care.)

So, I'm surfing the net and what do I come across? An announcement from the Bank of Mexico saying the U.S. recession is hurting migrant Mexican's families. Apparently, the money being sent home to Mexico has decreased 18% since this time last year and the article says our crackdown on illegal immigration is partly to blame and has some mexicans not coming up to the U.S. now.

You can read the whole (short) article here:

Tell me what you think.

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Oh yeah, poor, poor Mexicans,
Uh huh. I warn everybody I'm on my soapbox so if you have different views, that's fine but you may want to stop right here. I am so tired of the illegals having problems. They want merica to be Mexico with all the benefits of health care, schooling, etc. I will say some do work and work hard. But they are still illegal. If they want to work and send money home, that's o.k. But do it under the umbrella of a citizen. They can then join all of us who pay plenty in taxes, schooling, medical expense..and then see what's left to send home. And I'm tired of the drug smuggling and the terrorists slipping through the borders. We have lived in Ariz. near the border. In 2000 and 2002 we saw illegals crossing over all the time. Border patrols were there but they can't run through the deserts and that's the prime way to enter. Granted, it's a tough way to enter...but in my opinion they should stay home. I'm not branding them all but I think the illegals bring more drug-related problems, murders, etc. So yes, I'm standing up and saying shut the borders and clean up our own America. So I may be pollitically incorrect but I do love this country and am proud of our flag. Unlike those in California who want to use the flag of Mexico. Not all in California do this but I saw with my eyes so I know what they're thinking. And one more point: why in the **** should I have to learn Spanish to live in the U.S? If I lived in another country I would be grateful for some assistance in that language but I would think I should learn it and use it when in public. What language you speak at home is up to you.
I want to address yesterday's issues also. I agree that WWIII may be beginning. I look at news, look at the state of our nation and of others. And this appologizing to other nations is insane. How many U.S. soldiers have we lost so other nations can be free? I don't want another war and I wish the middle East was would be over but since we're involved in it I guess we stay. Don't know about that. But we belittle our status of being a generous nation to those in need when we appologize to other nations. We must not hurt their feelings..oh..boohoo.
O.K., I'm done and I feel better. I know all readers won't agree and that fine by me. That's what makes our nation of freedom so great. Thanks for letting me vent on two issues I've been mulling around for quite a while.Guess I'll go build my bunker or whatever...I do think the time is nearing and I pray for all. I think of all the parents, children, etc. I believe prayers for our nation will be first on my list tonight. Again, thanks for allowing me to give my opinion.

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