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Friday, May 22, 2009

Debt forgiveness?

I like to watch the independent CURRENT films they play on satellite channels. Have you ever seen any of those?

There was one just yesterday where people from Africa were interviewed. I'm sure I'm way behind the times on this sort of thing, but apparently Tony Blair did a "debt forgiveness" to people in underpriveleged nations like Ghana.

Wouldn't WE like to get that?

But, you know what? To my shock and irritation, the people on the receiving end of the debt forgiveness were angry over it. I just can't fathom their thinking.

Although I know it is similar to the attitude America gets around the world. We give and give and give, and those who received from us are torn between appreciating it and biting the hand that feeds their nation.

Several times lately I've caught clips on tv about the people living in actual dumps, collecting garbage to sell for any price. Of course, in American living standards, the situation is atrocious and people are donating quite well to help the people in this garbage dump.

But, more to my surprise, they interviewed an old lady who'd lived 35 years in the dump and got a place in brand new public housing. She was not happy there. She complained that people expected her to wear shoes now that she had a nice apartment. Of course, they had provided her with new shoes, too.

Then, the interviewer asked her if she liked having a tv. The lady's lips pursed. Apparently, she had a tv while living in the dump, and electricity to run it.

She was annoyed that they'd taken her ability to work away from her. Now that she didn't live in the dump, she wasn't allowed to scavenge. She had to make do with the free foods and standard of living the government provided.

I just it me, or does this seem remarkably ungrateful? My husband is a firm believer that people will walk away from something if they don't want to do it. He thinks that the people living in those dump sites do so because they like the lifestyle. They perceive themselves like modern day treasure hunters, work when they want, can get handouts regularly, and don't have to work regular hours, or pay taxes.

What do you think?

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