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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tease 2

Lisa awoke with a restless urge to make love. Her husband's back was to her, though, and he'd been dog tired when they'd hit the sack.

She let the desires come and go, while picturing sex in a hundred different ways. But, it didn't help her situation. The more she let her mind run wild, the stronger the need became.

Finally, she rolled toward her husband and let her fingers slide over him. First, she simply touched his back in a light tickle. The gliding caress went all over, circled back, and loop-de-looped for the space of several minutes.

He didn't move.

She scooted closer, leaned in and kissed his shoulder, then let her hand slide down and over his buttocks. There, she spread her fingers wide and let them rest.

Sighing, "God, I love you," she planted another kiss, and then two or three more.

Her fingers slid down lower and cupped the cheek of his ass and squeezed. She also let her breasts rub against his back. The nipples stood erect, and teased her in the tender touch she allowed herself.

It wasn't enough, though. She had to scoot closer still, until her boobs were flattened against his back. And she let her hand ride back up over his hip, and forward.

Closer still, until she could reach his manhood, which was erect. She smiled to herself and put her cheek to his shoulder, thinking aloud, "Maybe I can sleep like this."

"Maybe you can," he said, surprising her, "But I'm never gonna get back to sleep like this."

She perked up her head. "You're awake?"

Over his shoulder, he said, "Yeah. You've been teasing me for an hour now."

Lisa went to release her hold but his hand came over hers quickly, and he said, "I liked it."

She chuckled, "Wait til you see what I do next."

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I love it! Nice tease ending it that way, LOL

By Blogger Caffey, at 6:07 PM  

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