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Friday, April 14, 2006

What Lisa DID

Yesterday, I posted a tease about a woman named Lisa. Did you read it?

I'm you ever do that sort of thing?

I could have put my name on there, and my husband's, because that's how a lot of our middle of the night lovemakings begin. One of us get's restless and reaches out. And doesn't quit until the other wakes up and either says, "Hey, let's do this thang," or "Knock it off, I'm trying to sleep here."

Of course, the knock it off--seems more like a challenge to us. Like, um, oh...really? Well, I'm trying to get laid and it's not going very well because you're a bump on a log! Get with the program, buddy. Or missy, as the case may be.

My husband KEEPS telling me his name isn't buddy. Go figure. He wants to know who this buddy guy is that I keep confusing him with. I say, uh, he's the guy that DOESN'T do his homework--if ya know what I mean. That's why I chew him out!

Yeah. We toss in humor to the mix, too. Honestly, if you can't laugh and love with the one you're with--tell me why you're with 'em.

I think that it's important--to keep a relationship going good--to go on impulses when you want to touch each other. And when you think something is funny. I think those two things, coupled with communicating properly, are what make a relationship work.

But, I could be wrong. What do you think?

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