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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I have a big weekend coming up and I'm kind of stressed over it. Can't sleep. I'm not sure why it is driving me so crazy.

I mean, I've been to the writer's conference in Oklahoma City a couple of times in a row now. So, I know a lot of people that are going. And, in fact, am driving a couple of friends down there in my car.

I've entered contests, and hope to do well, but don't really care if I don't place. I only spent about four days getting my entries together--that way, if I didn't get any awards, I wouldn't feel too bad. If I had worked super hard on them and then didn't place, I'd be super sad. Ya know?

What is freaky is my growing anxiety. I find myself shaking more and more--and not just over this event, but in a lot of things. I went to the dentist, and literally struggled against crying. I'm a frequent flyer at the dentist and the one I have now is awesome--very big on not hurting me. So, what's up with the whole shaky-I wanna cry thing?

For years, I took anti-anxiety medication. I did Prozac for a month but it stole my short term memory...big time. Took ages to get most of that back. Did you know that Sixty Minutes did a show on Prozac and Schizophrenia once--about ten years ago--and found that 90% of the schizo's living on the streets in the U.S. had been on Prozac. Crazy weird stat, huh?

I've had Valium (like that!) and Paxil--seems to even out the moody issues. But, I am currently not on anything.

How about you? Do you ever suffer from anxiety?

My first real anxiety attack was in church, believe it or not. I use to sing. But once, I did a duet with a girl, and it came off real nice everyone said, but I shook like I had palsy the whole time. I haven't performed a song since. People said they didn't notice. I don't know how they could NOT notice my shaking.

Anyhow, since then, I've been careful to avoid situations where more anxiety would pile on me. It's funny...I can speak to 500 people. I can run a program. But performing? That's a whole different ballgame for me.

Do you have an anxiety story you'd like to share? I think a ton of people are dealing with high stress these days, and it comes out in a million different ways. My doctor says that stress isn't helping me lose weight. DUH.

My dentist says all my teeth issues, grinding etc. are from stress and that I need some anti-anxiety medication. Aside from a b vitamin, and massage--and, of course, release of stress through sexual avenues, anybody know any other natural releases/treatments?

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