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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

MY music talks to me. I have a medley, mixed by moi. (You'll see here how messed up I am. LOL) There's everything from Rod Stewart singing "Have I told you lately" to "On my own" from Les Miserables, and "Your Winter" from the soundtrack of Ten Things I Hate About You. (I wrote a whole novel to the tune of that song playing over and over.)

What else is on there? Meatloaf.
"Sacred Ground" by McBride and the Ride.
Randy Travis "A Man ain't made of stone" or whatever that one's called, plus "Forever and Ever Amen."
Ronnie Mcdowell, "A New York Minute."
Nickelback "How you remind me"
Uncle Kracker "Better Days" and "Follow Me."

Creed "Six Feet from the edge" or whatever that's called is the first song...and maybe my life's theme.

Music tells a lot about people, don't you think? I listen to a ton of stuff, lots of variety. Sometimes I rock out to Disney Show Tunes. So, I'm tweaked in a quirky way, and I know it.

What do you listen to?
Anything good? (I'll be the judge of that. LOL)

Happy 4th. Hope you have a good one.

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I alternate whatever is in my CD player. (Speaking of which, it's about time to do that again.)

Right now, it holds:
Shrek 2 Soundtrack -- I especially like the last song, "I Need a Hero"
Alter Bridge (formed when Creed broke up - I don't remember the name of the CD) -- Especially "Broken Wings"
LifeHouse (ditto not knowing the name of the CD) -- "You & Me"
Bo Bice -- umm... can I claim every song? *s*
Big & Rich -- "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," "Holy Water," and "Wild West Show."

I'm wanting to put in Switchfoot's Beautiful Letdown CD, mainly for the song "Dare You to Move." I'll probably put a U2 CD (I have five) and Evanescence back in. I don't know what the others would be.

Give me music, give me writing and creativity, or give me insanity. *s*

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