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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Carys is in the house!

Did anybody miss me? Or was I gone so long that you forgot about me?

Sorry it took me so long to get back, and that I was unable to hook up while on my trip. Seems that I have some underwired relatives. I stayed with my brother for a while. He's got the internet but doesn't allow anyone to use his "business" computer. (Least of all smut writers, for their business, I guess.) Oh, well. And I stay at a variety of motels. Some very cheap. Like Motel 6--I frequently fly there. And they have no real access.

Carys recommends hotels across America:
One motel worth staying in--in Oklahoma--is Lodge USA. It's over in Guymon. (Yes, if you look for it on the map, you'll see that I take very scenic routes.) The price was good. The room was very clean, and the owner, Chris, was a sweetheart--very accommodating. She didn't know that she had an erotic writer staying there. ;) Think I should have mentioned it? Anyhow, of all the motels/hotels I stayed in, I highly recommend that one. I also recommend Spring Hill Suites (Mariott/Boise, ID) and Casablanca (Mesquite, Nv.)

So, I'm back. I have one happily married daughter. (So far, anyway.) The guy seems perfect for her, loves her to death. So, I'm a happy mom.

My husband is home, but leaving again on July 5th. So, at least for another week, I won't whine about missing him, or sex, or whatever. Aren't you glad to hear that?

Carys apologizes:
I am behind on getting pictures posted from RT. It isn't my web people's fault. It's mine. Can't remember what I did with the disc of pictures. Will post asap. I DID get a few pics of cover models...hugging my youngest daughter...while she tried not to be horrified that EROTIC COVER MODELS were touching her. Snooty little virgin princess. She doesn't know how many women envied her those squeezes!

Carys kisses up--with a tiny excerpt from Jule, a vampire story not yet under contract:

Dropping his nose to her neck, John whispered, “You were lucky.”

Did he lick her?

It was that moment that Jule really understood the hype behind John Cherry Pimp’s following. A cult, they said in the papers.

Oh, God, yes. He licked her again.

Normally, Jule would have been outraged at the liberty taking. But she was powerless against John. She had no desire to fight him off. No will to make him stop. And, God help her, if he’d wanted to rape her right there, in front of everybody, she’d have been willing…because his touch was lovemaking, tender, and arousing. And she had gone way too long without that sort of physical handling.His nose tickled over the flesh below her ear, and he whispered, “I can’t wait to..."

Yeah, I'm wicked. Wicked cool. Tomorrow, I'll give ya another taste of...John Cherry Pimp. The rocker that's got Jule's world spinning faster than 69. (I was gonna say a 45, but then I thought...that dates me.) LOL

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So glad to see you're back!! And that tiny excerpt wasn't nearly enough!

I've got to rein myself in. I could keep going on and on and on. But I still have half an hour of work I've got to do. Then, hopefully, shopping.

By Blogger Jen, at 2:27 PM  

Thanks, Jen!
*hugs* for the welcome back.
And to Vickey and Becky, who sent me emails to the same effect. Glad I was missed.

You know, sometimes ya just need to hear it.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 6:12 AM  

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