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Friday, June 30, 2006

Erotic body parts

I am on a writer's list for a new publishing company--Mojocastle--where my favorite editor, Stef, is going to roost. On that email loop, a question was put out:

What part of the body do you NOT consider sexy, even on a hottie?

Now me, I think that every inch of the human body can be used to turn someone on--if used with forethought--but I am often turned off by feet and arm pits.

But, the feet, for example...kissing an inside arch--that is totally sexy to me for some reason. Toe sucking, while I'm not into it per se, has some erotic...flavor? if done right. And it is a proven fact that there are nerves around the ankle bones that, when massaged, can help the sex life. Yeah, that's right. You heard me. Massage around your ankles A LOT. See how different you feel about sex. Feel free to report back.

Arm's definitely not sexy for them to be stinky or sweaty. And I don't love to have my nose turned into it by a guy (my husband)--but I like being snuggled up under his arm.

And I'm not really into hairy arm pits. But, I'm married to an Italian. Not a sleek and waxed cover model. When you live with the Marlboro man (not a smoker, but you know what I mean)--ya gotta get some rough edges. That's part of the appeal.

What do you think? What part of a hottie is unappealing to you?

The email loop reminded me--the mouth! Aagh! As sensuous as it is...
if it is unclean--how nasty is that?
Unbrushed teeth and tongues...morning breath...pew.
That's just gross. Don't you think?

Oh, hey. That just reminds me of my daughter's favorite joke. She says, "Let's play sensuous." Then she throws out, "Sensuous up, could you get me a drink?" (Substitute whatever you want. Remote? A sandwich. A massage.)

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I saw a funny deodorant commertial once. First it looked like a lower part of naked woman's body and then the camera rotates and it turns out to be a guy's armpit. Armpits are "Sexy" is a funny way I guess, or you can say it all depends on the "angle" of view.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:33 PM  

Ah! I saw that! It was a total skew on perspective, wasn't it?

I've seen similar things done on mold/bacteria...where they ask...what does this look like to you. I thought one looked like bananas. But, no. It wasn't.

(I know, eeewww.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:32 AM  

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