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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Afternoon Delights and...(TMI post)

Yesterday morning, I posted that I was thinking about pouncing my husband. Didn't happen...exactly as I'd been considering.

He got up, and dressed, and kissed me good morning. Then he read my blog post and asked, "Should I go back to bed?"

By then, I'd lost track of that and moved onto other projects. Ya know? Things like that flit through my brain, but if I don't act on them, they go away.

Anyhow, he disappeared down the hall a few minutes later. Took me MINUTES to process what he'd said and where he'd gone. I took time to debate if I wanted to go and get undressed again. You know how that is, once I'm dressed for the day...I like to stay dressed.

But, he's gone a lot and ya can't ever catch up on sex ya missed. Once ya miss it, it's gone. You can get other sex, but...well, I went through this yesterday, didn't I?

So, the LONG and SHORT of it (pun intended) is that I went to see what was up. Only, it wasn't as I suspected. He wasn't naked, splayed out on the bed, hoping for attention. Nope. He was fully dressed under the blankets. The minute I appeared, he asked, "What were you trying to do out there? Freeze me out?"

His chair (recliner of course) is right in front of the a/c. I didn't adjust it when I got up. But, when he came out, I had been thinking about getting a sweater or turning it down. I always hate to turn it lower, because if it's a little cooler in the morning, that means the afternoon heat won't be as bad to keep under control.

Anyhow, I had to laugh at him. I said, "Freeze YOU out. You're the one who left the a/c at that level. I need a sweater." I looked around for one.

He grinned and lifted the blanket. "What you need is to climb in here and cuddle."

Like a good wife, I took his advice. I think I was under the cover about two seconds before he said, "If you came looking for something else, I can get naked in a heartbeat."

I laughed again. "I bet you can." I snuggled up, not encouraging him with more words. But damn, if my hands don't rove every time I get near him.

I think it was really about three heartbeats before he said, "Hold up. This will be better with my pants off."

Yeah. I laughed again. The snuggling changed quickly to him trying to get the jeans off while still under the cover. I suggested, "We could turn the a/c in here off, and you could get rid of the blanket--"

"Already off, hon." He kicked his feet, freeing them from the pants.

Propped up on an elbow beside him, I looked down at his face. He was smiling, of course. I pursed my lips. What next, I wanted to say. But you and I both know what he was hoping for.

Hold on. What are you thinking? I figured...whatever he wanted...if he was on his back, it meant I was supposed to do the work...whatever it was.

But I'm game...just about 24/7. All I had to do was decide what I wanted. I mean, he may be on his back NOW, but there are ways to...well, you know.

So, I let my hands wander under the covers while I considered my options. I'll spare you the details on that.

Then, I got a brain stutter. If it had been afternoon, we could call it afternoon delight. But what do you call nookie before noon?

And who came up with the term nookie?

Yes, I think too much--and often at the wrong time. I asked, "What would you call it in the morning?"

He said, "A great way to start the day." And he accented that with some eyebrow lifting and a, "So, you gonna climb on, or what?"

You gotta love the man. He makes me laugh.

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You know, I think my husband would kill me for posting something like this! Sweet, nonetheless.

I recently read in a book (Even Vampires Get the Blues)about a ghost jumping the heroine because of six hundred years of nooky-less existence. LOL!

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 10:55 AM  

Was that book good?

And, uh, do you readers think I should refrain from posting tmi?

LOL You know, when I got done writing it, I thought, man, I cleaned up the story/event quite a bit. It's almost a respectable tale.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 2:28 PM  

Hell no! You should post whatever you want to. I'm just teasing. My husband is not that... uh... open about stuff. We have a wonderful, intimate relationship, too. (Check my blog post a couple of days back for pics (g) )

It sounds like you guys have a wonderful relationship, too. That should be celebrated.

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 3:38 PM  

Some days it's wonderful. ;)

Some days I'm just wondering why we do it.

Or why we do it like that.

(Yeah, go ahead, take it either way. Puns are so fun, aren't they?)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:35 AM  

Oh, another thought on TMI posts...
I go to a lot of blogs and am just plain bored. Sex talk never bores me, and since that's what I write, I figured that my blog readers would be cool with intimate topics.

I can start a tame blog under another name and keep it clean. But clean is so over-rated. Isn't it? Honestly, would any of you tune in to that?

LOL I just realized...if you say means you only like me for my sex.

(Yeah, I know. I'm messed up.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:41 AM  

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