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Monday, July 03, 2006

John Cherry Pimp and Jule

Remember the excerpts from Jule? She meets John Cherry Pimp, a rockstar, but doesn't know he's a vampire. Well, here's the minute she finds out. It's after she's been bitten by another vampire and John rescues her.

Here goes:
She was suddenly hot. The cold outside might help that. She made it out the door, and was assaulted immediately by The Minions’ music. She didn’t realize that John had come out right behind her.

But, he didn’t leave her under any illusions for long. He snagged her hand, spun her around and pushed her against the wall. Her fingers came up, instinctively, between them. She liked his forcefulness, and that surprised her—considering her rape history. Maybe that was because he felt controlled.

Maybe it was his next words that allayed any fears. He said, “I don’t want you to leave me.”

Or his gaze—which was all over her face at once, and settled on her lips. It made her look at his. Jule found herself wanting him to kiss her. Like snakes, her hands slid up around his neck and drew his mouth to hers, saying, “I thought you were going to let me go.”

It felt bold. But not half as bold as the kiss he gave her next.

John’s lips crushed hers like a starving man, eating her up with the sort of passion she had never dreamed of. It wasn’t the fetid breath of an unclean mouth accompanied by the slimy clawing of a rapist, or the pawing pain of a murderer. John’s hands were all over her, squeezing softly, as if testing if she were real, flesh and blood.

He muttered, “You feel so good, so soft.”

Indeed, her lips felt swollen and her breasts became heavy with her desire. As his hands skimmed upward, under her coat, kneading her through her shirt, Jule returned between kisses, “And you feel so strong and hard.”

John kissed her deeper, and rocked his pelvis into her, showing her that he was hard in every way a man could be. His tongue delved deep into her mouth, making Jule swoon and suck.

But, the minute she did that, he went still. He shuddered.

She liked his reaction. It showed her that she wasn’t the only one affected. Her fingers slid, cupping his cheeks, grazing the skin with tenderness. Still sucking, they looked each other in the eye.

He broke the embrace and buried his nose in her throat. His hands moved at the same time, pressing into her breasts, pushing them upward with a fully possessive grasp. His knee came between her legs, lifting her, causing heat to pool between her thighs.

Jule moaned at the same time he groaned, “I can’t help myself.”

She never saw the bite coming. The puncture of his fangs slid in quick with the warm, wet seduction of his lips spreading over her throat, just under her ear. Maybe if it had been the same side David had gone for, she’d have pulled back.

The minute he bit into her, she arched against him. His fingers slid from her breasts around her back.

She said, “Oh, God” but didn’t push him away. Instead, her fingers grabbed his hair and she gasped, opening her eyes to the ceiling of the theater. Not that she saw anything.

Not that she comprehended anything either. He sucked greedily and she went limp in his arms. The same after-sex type of lethargia overcame her as before. Only, this time she wasn’t afraid, she didn’t want it to end, and she didn’t want to die.

No. She wanted it to go on forever.

Micah’s voice brought reason back to them both. Cutting in, he said, “Think what you do.”

Jule felt his hand come between them, prying them apart. She knew that John reluctantly pulled back. The minute Micah took his hand away, John kissed her again, with full tongue. And she sucked.

Micah rolled his back to the wall, very close to her, his face only a mere few inches from theirs, and he said, “Take her to a room, John.”

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What? Nobody begs to see what happens when he takes her to a room? Because you know he's gonna take her to one.

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