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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Robot-oh! Not Roberto. Don't know any Robertos, in fact. Or Juans, or Don Juans. get the picture.

Warning, Will Robinson. There's a robot woman in our path.

Wait. That's me. Sometimes anyway. The robot woman. Just taking care of the minimum, barely existing. Okay, I'm not a good robot; I don't vacuum. (I have kids for that.)

Ever go through the motions of things and feel like you're in a brain tunnel? Ever wait for someone to wake you up--when you're on the edge of dreams that seem too real, and all too average?

I want to wake up young and beautiful, and so desirable (and stacked) that my husband thinks I'm the most amazing woman on earth--and is right. But what I want...(sigh)

Sometimes life is like that. Waiting for fantasies to happen. And when it gets like that, I usually pop open a book, or create one--as that is what I do.

But today I'm watching the clock. Waiting to wake him up. He's leaving again. (As you know because I've whined about it already.)

I wonder what men dream about? Probably creating the perfect robot woman that does it all. As in that old sf movie WESTWORLD or STEPFORD WIVES. There's an episode of Twilight Zone where a family creates a new mom. They even pick her eye color. They loved her. She was "just perfect."

Sigh. I fall way too short of perfect these days.

But what to do about it?

Tell me how to perk life up without cliche's like:
Get in shape.
Go on a diet.
Clean house.

Those are neverending pursuits and when I fall down on the job, I just feel like a failure again. Gimme some new suggestions. You're bright and clever people.

I'll try anything once. Except, maybe, cheating on my husband.
Okay--no maybe to that one. But you know what I mean.

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Gawd, I can relate to feeling like a robot. Er... robotess? Hmm...

Though in my case, it's churning out transcription reports. Too bad I have to think when I do that. THink of all the writing ideas I could get if I didn't have to actually think about the transcription. *s*

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