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Monday, September 04, 2006

Cookin' with fire

Oh yeah, baby, I'm cookin' with fire now. Got up bright and early (not) at 9:30. Threw some Pillsbury orange danish in the (electric) oven--forgot when I did that, so just remembering that they need to bake about ten minutes isn't gonna help, is it?

I have a serious plan (or two) for this morning. I'm gonna do the orange danish rolls--then do another batch of the local generic brand and see of the twenty cents more a can is worth it for the Pillsbury. Then I'm gonna get busy with editing those books that have been hanging over my head.

I'm gonna crank the music and tune everybody out--which may be hard since it's Labor Day and everybody is staying in the house. Why can't they all go out to the lake like the rest of the world? (Because a) they would take me with them, and b) the rest of the world is out at the lake and we don't go out and make new friends like that?)

I do. I guess I should clarify that. I don't believe anybody's stranger than me, so if you ain't stranger, you gotta be a friend waiting to happen, right? Okay, that's not exactly accurate. I HAVE met people who were stranger than me. And I've met people and thought, hm, I don't want them to be my friend. They're creepy. I say no to creepy folks.

Like the guy that came to the state poetry convention last year and stunk so bad that, I'm not kidding, 5 people got up and moved away from him during a presentation. Ick. Please bathe. Ya know? I mean, you gotta reek big time for people to get up and move away.

I was told he was a "Minimalist." I, of course, lifted my eyebrows, and asked, "Is that what he is?" I made a personal vow right then and there that no one would ever call me a minimalist if that was how it manifested itself.

No one would call me a minimalist when it comes to water and bathing. I wash my hands more than, well, more than anybody I know. And I have disinfectant spray in every room, plus the little hand soap dispensers of germ-x. We spray our keyboard down--which may not be a good thing to do, but hey...I have a fifteen year old boy touching it! Sneezing near it. Handling my mouse.

And I drink water like it's going out of style.

Update on the orange danish--the better brand is worth twenty cents more. They are lighter, softer and the frosting is a notch above the other brand, too.

Oh, and here's another update. I've been up over an hour and a half and now and haven't even opened my editing projects. See how this is gonna go?

No fire under my butt this morning...obviously.
Sometimes that's just sad.
I want somebody to say, "Ooh, you've got a hot ass."

I guess I'll just leave it at that. Happy Labor Day folks!

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You sound like I felt this morning. Lots to do, doing none of it.

This line is classic. "I want somebody to say, 'Ooh, you've got a hot ass.'"

Can I say ditto? lol

By Blogger Jen, at 12:42 PM  

I'm late in reading this, but I hope you got your editing done.

I guess one good thing about moving on Labour day was that I was forced to accomplish something.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 10:45 PM  

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