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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll (TMI)

I know my subject is not original, but I like the topic.

Can you get enough sex, drugs, or rock and roll?
I'll just tackle the first. NO NO NO NO NO NO

Okay, wait. Maybe. I remember one time my husband and I did this SILLY marathon, just to see how many orgasms we could get in a day. And I'm telling you, the answer is...uh, yeah, I guess you can get enough--if you work all day at it. I was worn out for a week. (And yes, sore.)

But really, today, I'm thinking...a woman my age needs more sex than she gets.
Yes, I'm hoping he reads this sometime today and whisks me off to the bedroom--horrifying the children because they KNOW what we do when we go down the hall and close the door.

Okay, we either go and talk or go and not talk. You know.

And I don't really want to horrify my children. But, they're teens. Anything that speaks to intimacy between their parents is considered under the wide umbrella of horrific--from what they say.

Moving topic number two: DRUGS.

I didn't know this before I moved to southwest Missouri, but it is hailed as the drug capital area of the US. At least by locals. I guess they do more pot and meth busts here than anywhere else--per capita or something. So, my neighbors that are obviously dealing are...more the norm than I am.

I probably wouldn't have cared what they did down there if they hadn't had a dead body a month after they moved in. That sort of set the tone, ya know? It's just creepy.

And now I feel like I should mention something to do with rock and roll.
Does Bon Jovi ever look bad? How old is that guy?

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Who cares? He's still hot!

This post is funny. Except for the drugs. :(

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 9:43 AM  

lol hum there is a county near where I live called meigs county but they have renamed it meth county. now the sex part my hubby would love to hear me say I don't get enough hehe would tickle him to death And jon bon jovi is very sexy

By Blogger Pamk, at 8:33 PM  

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