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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Orgasm Killers

This was too funny to me.

The article is nothing, lists a few things everyone probably already knows about foods and things that affect libido, but the comments on it are hilarious.

Someone says:
First, I think this is retarded.
Then, he's flamed.

Someone else says:
Will constipation mess up a hard on...?

(That made me laugh out loud.)
#48 answers that.

And then:
A 76 yr old man that swears he can...(well, you have to go look--but I don't believe him.)

Then, clear down on the next page of responses, someone says the list is incomplete. HIS libido killer is his ex-wife.

#53 response degenerates further by saying:
all of yuns are "retarded"

Defender speaks up on #55:
#53 lilpc187 by the way you just posted your ignorance shows right through. I've worked with mentally retarded people who spoke better than you, and who were probably smarter than you too. They are some of the sweetest kindest and most innocent people in this world, too bad they have to live in existence with ignoramous people like you.

shutterbug #23: "Which head?" Good question - you are too funny! King COOL #24: "Power to the smart brain" - lookout world! LOL!

And the posts in the 60's talk about how lousy they all are in bed.

(Yeah. I've been bored.)

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