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Sunday, November 12, 2006


I had this grand plan to write a novel in a week. I've done it before. It shouldn't be that hard. BUT I forgot that life always brings things to take me away from my writing when I want to do it most, or when a deadline is looming.

So, I wrote 27 pages on that story Friday. Wrote a short mystery story on Saturday morning.

Then I went to Sleuth's Ink...a mystery writer's group in Springfield. Got my nails done. Rented FIVE movies. (Self sabotage maybe?)

Which meant that I spent last evening watching Cars, American Haunting, and Slither...which I fell asleep in during the last half of. I have Nacho Libre and Monster House to go. Which of course translates to...the girl is avoiding her story for some reason. Maybe the fact that it's another gosh darn g-rated romance? LOL

I may have mentioned this yesterday...but when I brought two asians who had invented a better mousetrap into the story, I knew it was time to set that back and mull it over. Although, I DO believe I could sell this mousetrap concept I have in my head.

Why a mousetrap? I dunno. Why do I think two asian business men who are serious about a mousetrap is funny, I dunno. From the brain of CHAOS, comes much Chaos, I guess.

Anyhow...I gotta watch a couple movies. Go to chuch--oh yeah. I got a call. I guess I'm supposed to teach the women's meeting today. Aaaggghhh. I don't even have the book. (thinking that would get me out of it) but no, apparently the lady calling has posted it via internet so I can get it. Which leads to the question...why does she want me to teach it so bad?

It's probably a lesson on one of my many failure issues. That's usually how stuff like that works. I'm afraid to look at the topic. Isn't that funny?

Fortunately for me, those people at church don't carry rotten tomatoes in their purses this time of year. Anyhow, gotta go find my lesson and study AND PRAY.

Feel free to send up prayers or meditation for the good of all, and me today. I will be.

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