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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birds are singing

I decided a couple days ago that I would go back to my routine. The one where I went to bed earlier than midnight. I've been staying up to hang out with my family. (I know--weird that they stay up so late every single day.)

I am a morning person, really. So, here I am--before 7 a.m. and I've been awake for an hour, going through my inbox...which is a neverending thing, sorta like laundry. You gotta go through it though.

Anyhow, wasn't it Ben Franklin that said, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise?" (I figured it couldn't hurt. I need all three of those.)

Moving on to another topic now...I went to my first meeting for my daughter's Senior Grad Night. We're doing a pampered chef party for a fund raiser. Not quite like the good one I posted earlier on my blog. Okay, I have to come clean...I am posting challenged. If it requires graphic placement, my wondering web people (J&J designs--Jaymi and Joanne)do it for me. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

But, back to the not-bare-butted pampered chef party...I set it up. Then it snowed. And we haven't gotten the flyers out YET. Supposed to go to the kids today--and end this week.

It's a no effort deal. All you gotta do if you want to order is go to the website and place your order. It comes directly to you. No hassle. Delivery guaranteed by Christmas if you put your order in this week.

If you or anyone you know is interested in ordering, that would be great. Please spread the word. Thanks in advance to anyone who does order.

I'm using the party to buy presents for my mom and sisters who live in different states--so I can send them something nice but not have to hassle with shipping it. So, this is a great idea for those with friends or family far away.

I swear by their stuff. My cookies and cakes don't burn on the edges when I use their stoneware. I have a pizza cutter that has, literally, lasted us 10 years and still works and looks like new. There are no better oven mitts and hot pads or spatulas anywhere in the universe, imo. They don't melt!! They are worth the money, I swear. I've had some for ten years, and I've got five kids who love to destroy things or, at the very least, make them ugly, using them improperly--but they've had no success with these. I love my spatulas!

Sales pitch over. If you're interested, it would be a great support to Senior Grad Night Project (Spokane Missouri High School).

All you have to do is go to:
Go to: Order Products
Type in: Spokane High School
and start shopping!
If you have any issues or problems ordering, just contact Carol Platt, who is the pampered chef gal handling it, and she'll take orders via email or on the phone, or walk you through the process. Her email is:
If you want to book your own party, it gives the $3 to the project.

Do it if you want. No pressure. At least go check it out and browse their catalog.
Special thanks to those who decide to order something.

Do it soon. Like I said, to get it by Christmas, you need to order by Dec. 14 at the latest. Orders placed after that will not be guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

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I've tried some of the Pampered Chef stuff, it works great!

By Blogger Tam, at 9:22 AM  

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