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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


It's that time of year--where everyone you know, and every group you are a member of, is throwing a party. Aren't you excited?

For years, I loved this time of year. I threw my own parties. But the last couple of years, I'm not real excited about them. It seems the parties I go to get lamer and lamer.

And I subscribe to the addage "A party is only as fun as the people at it. If you're not having a great time, you need to do something different." And God help you if you're the only one there that's not having a great time.

So, I would assume it's me--just not in the right spirit or something. husband and my kids tend to climb in the car after parties, too, and say, "Yeah, that one didn't impress me either."

What do you think are the quintessential ingredients of a good party?

I'd say, first, it's the people--I hate to say the quality of the people, but...their ability to relax and enjoy the premise that they're at a party?

Second, it seems that good eats are part of every good party memory in my brain. (I am overweight, this had to rank somewhere in the top three.)

And, maybe games, entertainment.

Fourth, decor/ambiance?

How would rank these things? Would you put something else up in the top three or four? Or do you have some TIPS for making a party better?

I have a number of them to go to and I want to enjoy them. I want to look forward to them.

You'd think a girl on anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication wouldn't have to ask these questions, wouldn't you?

And why is this year so hard for those who are depressed in the first place? Any ideas?

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I think it's all about the people. Food, entertainment, and ambiance can all improve a party that's good anyway, but they can't save one where the people are obnoxious.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 8:39 AM  

I don't really know what makes a good party. It's been so long since I've been to one, it's pathetic. I don't belong to any group that has Christmas parties.

By Blogger Jen, at 8:56 AM  

The only parties I go to are family parties and when you are with people you love, it's always nice. I think there is too much pressure at Christmas for everything to be perfect and that's not possible. Too many tv shows and books make you think something is wrong with you if you are not all exited about the holidays and if you don't have a "Martha Stewart" home and Christmas. We need to stop expecting perfection and just relax with the people we care about.

By Blogger Carol, at 9:12 AM  

Never been much of a party person. Hate mingling with people I don't know. My favorite get togethers are with family. It is there that I am comfortable and always have a good time with lots of laughter and wonderful food.

By Blogger Cathy, at 9:35 AM  

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