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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Icy fingers

The icy fingers of winter
have reached into my world

Outside is a wonderland
ice, water, and frost

everywhere, the cold
covers the land, my house

I sit here wondering
will the wind die down

how high will the snow get
it keeps coming, and coming

will it freeze everything
pipes, and pets?

will other things die
while I stay wrapped up

warm and safe inside
wiggling my toes in flannel

is it morbid of me
to contemplate death?

*** Quick poetry to express my thoughts about a really cold day in the Ozarks. I hope you're all safe and warm. Check your outside pets, please. Make sure their water isn't frozen, or bring them inside, if possible.

Yesterday, I got some terrible news. A woman I barely know had an awful tragedy in her family. Her granddaughter died at day care...choking on a hot dog.

I used to run a preschool and, for the record, more kids choke to death on hot dogs than anything else, and popcorn and lettuce are second and third on the list. (Lettuce acts like a balloon when it gets wet.)

Anyhow, please put some prayers up for Kay Swanson (aka Kei Swanson, author) and for her family, if you would.

Take a moment (here's my belated Thanksgiving thought) to remember how lucky you are to have your family and friends, safe and well. Every day, I look at my children and husband and think that.

Stay warm, and get cozy with those you love.
Have a good one!

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Oh my gosh! On a hotdog?? How sad for her family!


As far as cold goes, it's raining, sleeting, and snowing here today. Right now, it sounds like it's not doing anything, which probably means it's snowing since I can't hear that on the windows or roof. Most schools in the state are closed. OK, maybe not "most," but a lot of them are.

By Blogger Jen, at 10:13 AM  

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