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Friday, March 16, 2007

Dragons and contest clues

I wrote 13 pages on my dragon story. Stopped that abruptly when the tv came on. Couldn't concentrate. Left the thing a mess. Gonna revisit that this morning.

I have bacon cooking. Flute music playing.

Trying to get in the mood to write fantasy or sf. Any suggestions to help me with that?


I am blogging comments on other author's blogs. If you can find where, and make a list, the one with the longest (correct) list at the end of April wins $10 gift certificate. IF you post comments on other blogs where I've been, and keep a list of that, you'll be in for another drawing with a $10 gift certificate prize. And, remember, I also offer paypal (which is as good as cash and can be transferred to your bank account.)

Here are today's clues:

1) I went to Puca's forest. It's a place where dragons and other creatures are. I couldn't post on the blog, but if you go and see, and put on your list what type of meter the author (Penny Ash) has, I'll count that. If you understand how to post on the blog, let me know. I'm challenged if anything is hard. My screen wouldn't scroll so I could see the ENTER button. Weird. Anyhow, we were talking about dragons and she has 'em. So, go and see!

2) I feel like the hunt and seek thing is hard enough if I give you clues. Too easy if I give you links. But I want you to go see the other websites. This next author writes sf and horror and currently has a werewolf story in the top ten Preditors and Editors Poll. Talk about your fantastic dreams!

3) This writer has a book called Clandestine Impasse. It's romantic suspense, so some of you might really enjoy checking it out.

Sometimes author blogs are harder to find than I want them to be, even if you know the name of the blog! I'm doing my own hunt and seek on this end. A hundred cards and I can't find blogs on most of the websites.

4) This one, I'll make easy for you. Website is called FICTION FOR YOU. Serious mystery fans will love this one! And I've already blogged on there this week. So, list it twice and you've got it. Post on it, and you'll be in the second drawing.

That's it for today. I'm blogged out. Have a good one!

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For item 4, is the name of the site correct? I couldn't find anything with the name FICTION FOR YOU.

By Blogger jennybrat, at 8:21 AM  

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