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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

(kids and their) Jokes

I've said it a million times--I have five kids. Sometimes that is five kids too many.

I'm sure you've noticed the trend in jokes that has gotten so popular that there is a television show where people from different "hoods" step up to sling the stupidity. I'm talking about YO MAMA jokes.

Unfortunately, my kids are no better than the rest of the country and have taken to replying, "YO MAMA" to everything.

What happened to the old days when saying something about someone's mama was off limits and could get your butt kicked? That's what I want to know.

So, my son and daughter are fighting over doing the dishes. It's a no brainer. He's supposed to do them one day, and she does them the next. Seems simple to keep track of, huh? Except I'm no Nazi. I let them slide here and there and work it out between them if someone has something else they HAVE to do.

But the other day when the standard "They aren't my dishes" convo came up, my daughter, as always came out on top. She's more stubborn. He's maybe too easy going. She says, "Uhuh. I'm not doing them. Period. End of story." When he starts to argue, she cuts him off with, "I said PERIOD. Do you want me to go into that?"

Okay. Now, no boy with four sisters ever wants to get into it with a girl if she says the word period. Usually, it can get too much information passing hands. He doesn't want to know about a period, if it's coming, going or in full swing. And, he doesn't want to fight with a girl, period, because HIS MAMA is almost always on the girl's side.

So, he throws up his hands and yells, "This stinks!"
And my darling daughter, glad that she won the argument, and wanting to make him smile now that she's getting her way says, "YO MAMA STINKS."

It gets the desired grin from him. But I have to perk up from what I'm doing and say, "HEY! YO MAMA doesn't stink!"

That gets them both snickering louder. And I have to insist, "Defend me, boy! YOU NEVER let someone dis yo mama. Not even if the disser is your sister."

He turns to me and says, "It was pretty funny."
I reply with, "Not half as funny as watching you do dishes the rest of the week. Defend my honor!"

Stubborness now comes out. He says, "What if I don't? You didn't defend me when she was insisting I do the dishes."

"Because it's your turn!"

The girl slips in, "Because it's yo mama's turn."

"That's right," he says.

I don't do dishes. At least, not unless I have to. I'll do them again when the kids leave home...maybe. I'm big on eating out and take-out and pizza delivery. Ya know?

So, there I am, the butt of yet another joke and I have no defense. Such is my life.
There is no defense when you set yourself up (by giving birth?).

So, uh, know any good YO MAMA jokes? Or better yet, your kid(s) jokes?

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Okay, it was funny. Both them, and you!

By Blogger Glenna, at 10:41 AM  

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