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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FFL and waking looking sexy

So, I overslept today. That was after a serious attack of insomnia. I take (prescription) piroxicam to help me sleep WITH tylenol pm and nyquil capsules every night. It works so well that I still get up at least five times a night and toss and turn. So, last night, when I was awake from 3-4 (after going to bed at 11), I thought...darn, I GOTTA get some sleep. So, I took more plus muscle relaxers. I still woke up to go the ladies room but I stayed in bed, overall, until 10 a.m. It felt good to get some rest.

I guess insomnia is a side effect of my fibromyalgia, brought on by the muscles spams and everything else. So, I know I'm not alone in struggling with the sleeping/resting issues.

Anyhow, that got me thinking about something that used to be a joke. When I was skinny, we had a friend who was a cop. Nice, tall guy. (Okay, he was a cop, and a bit of a butthead but always nice to me.)

He liked to swing into my house and chat with me--when Tony was gone. His wife and I were great friends. I swear it never occurred to me that the guy was looking for an affair. At least, not for years.

He would arrive after my husband left for work. Usually 5-15 minutes after Tony pulled out of the drive. He'd talk about how he and his wife had problems, which I knew all about. I counseled him a lot on how to be good to her and what she wanted.

I was/am so in love with my husband that it never occurred to me that this guy was hoping for something more from me. My husband rotated shifts. Sometimes he worked, days, then swing, then graveyard. I slept when he did. And we were young. We almost always had sex before he walked out the door.

My husband used to tell me that I always looked sexy, especially when I just woke up. THEN a friend of mine (female) used to laugh at me and say, "Holy shit. I swear to God you always have the FFL."

Me, clueless, had to ask...what's the FFL?
Freshly fucked look.

She asked, "Don't you two ever go a day without it?"
The answer was no, and usually multiple "friendly" moments.

(I will say we're slowing down a little in our old age.)

Anyhow, when I told this friend about the guy that always came by, she rolled her eyes and said, "Are you THAT naive?"

Yes, I was. I mean, he was husband to my best friend at the time. Right? And I was totally in love with mine. I have never made a secret of that.

So, she sat me down and explained the FFL that I had on my face pretty much 24/7. She also said "It doesn't help when you go on and on about how great your husband is, and in bed, too. Stop teasing the guy."

That had me asking my husband what he thought. He stared hard at me for a few minutes. I know that's because it always amazes him that a genius IQ doesn't always translate to full understanding of concepts the rest of the world is totally hip on.

"You always look sexy. And when I leave you, you have this amazing pleasured look in your eyes.' (Because we've just done things.) "If he's showing up after that, then the guy is totally turned on by the sexually satisfied look on your face."

Since then, he's explained more on the subject. But who knew? I had no clue. In fact, I didn't believe it until one time the guy said something that was way over the line and it all clicked into place. (I know. Sometimes I'm slow.)

He actually came up behind me when I was stirring something on the stove, my husband and his wife in the next room, hands spanning my waist, thumbs skimming my boobs, and leaned into my ear (erection at my back) asking, "Mmm. You got something good for me?"

I froze. It all came together. And I gritted, "No. Get your hands off of me before I tell my husband and he beats you to death."

Pretty harsh. BUT GEEZ. Talk about the nerve. Ya know?

He's an ass. He thought that was sexy. Told me so.

After that, I talked to his wife. You know, concerned, wanting her to know it wasn't me. She said she had a problem with him all the time like that and I wasn't the first. She also said that it had bothered her repeatedly when she'd walk into a room and hear her husband and his dad talking about me and how it was obvious I liked sex.

My jaw dropped open. Men were saying this sort of thing about me?
And back then, I was SOOOO well behaved. I didn't talk openly about sex as I do now.

I was informed that there wasn't a man I knew that hadn't chatted on that topic about me. So, my response?

Huh. I guess that says a million tons about how good Tony is in bed. Doesn't it?

(I know he reads my blog. So, *G*, let me say he's slacking today. He needs to take care of his homework when he gets home tonight--I don't care how hard he works at his job.) ;)

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I was trying to figure out what the hell "FFL" was all the way until I got to what it is. lol. Geez.

By Blogger Jen, at 11:57 AM  

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