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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Day!

I went out after midnight last night, looking for eggciting things, you know, Easter basket goodies, hoping they'd go on sale. But, alas, they were picked through and expensive.

My youngest kids are 15 and 18. I thought maybe they'd be too old for Easter Bunny stuff so I left it to the last minute. Until my 18 yr old said, "I'm coloring eggs. You are too. Get over here." (to her brother) and to me "You've been shopping, right? This is gonna be a great Easter. Right?"

It was five to midnight. I thought I was gonna get away with NOTHING. But, as usual, I was wrong.

HaHa. My husband laughed at me for thinking we could get out of it. Asking me as we drove to Walmart and Walgreens at 1 a.m., "Now, if someone asked you if you would like whoever to stop bringing you gifts like baskets full of candy, would you say, YEAH STOP...?"

This is actually a replay of what I said to him in December. For some reason, he thinks the kids will stop wanting to celebrate that with us. DUH. (Sometimes we get stupid. Like me on the basket thing this holiday.)

Presents. Candy. Bring 'em on!

Religion warning.
On Christmas morning, I insist on discussing my beliefs with the kids, making them repeat what I call "The Christmas Story" to me before we open gifts. You know, the reason for the season, the original gift giving story.

So, this morning I am also thinking about things of that nature. AND about some of my friends of other faiths. I know pagans who celebrate a fertility festival this time of year. I know atheists that like to give/get candy this time of year, too. And I know Jehovah Witnesses that don't do the holidays at all.

Whatever your personal beliefs, I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

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Happy Easter!

I don't celebrate Easter as a religious holiday, but anything that gets me two extra days off is just fine with me. Unfortunately, I'm not at home to participate in the family dinner this year. I think I'll have to go buy myself some candy later today, though.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 8:58 AM  

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