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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Contest Winners

Blog poster winner for March is Myrtleme: Jackie Young.

I've had a snafoo with my newsletter contest entries. The folder in my inbox disappeared, so I'm gonna select a second blog poster: Emma Keigh.

EMAIL ME with your preferences on gift certificates. What do you want? Paypal cash transfer,, Barnes and Noble, or one of my publisher's? (Prize is valued at $10)

I swear, I won't lose the newsletter folder for April. IF I find the March emails, I do another drawing. (Geez. I've been surfing through inbox files for, I kid you not, 3-4 hrs looking for that.)

Get ready. Newsletter coming today. Remember to answer the question via email to me so you can be in on another drawing.

There is still time to surf the archives of this blog and go to the blog websites. I'll probably give you more places to go to next week.

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Congrats to the winners!!!!!

By Blogger Amy S., at 4:34 AM  

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