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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yesterday and today

Yesterday, I had a massage.
This is so sad. It's part of my treatment.
I've mentioned that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, right?
So, now I'm in a weekly program that runs for 26 weeks or something.
That's right. I get massages for my doctor appointments.
Too great, imo. It almost makes the fibro worth having.

Then, last night, I went to my writer's meeting and read something I'm working on--that I only managed to write 5 pages on yesterday--called Murder on Grah. Science Fiction romance. Most of the people there don't get my stuff. Some said, "Too much technical stuff." I groaned, of course, and replied, "It's called SCIENCE fiction for a reason people."

Someone else complained, "No murder in the first five pages? It's called Murder on Grah! We need the murder up front. Or, at the very least, foreshadowed." (Strictly mystery fans.)

I tipped my head sideways and asked, "The title on the book isn't enough of a foreshadowing for ya?" (Guess not)

"We want action! Death. Mayhem. That sort of thing. Bang of a gun." (another groan came from deep inside me.)

So, then a romance reader said, "I actually like the way this starts."
I wanted to hug her with a THANK YOU. Until she said, "But how come the girl isn't meeting him yet?"

In THAT beginning, which is now not the beginning since I've been writing this morning, I had the guy wanting to strangle the girl who had stolen his ship and mickeyed him up the last time they were together. He'd finally hunted her and his ship down. I thought that was a good enough foreshadowing of murder and a question to the romance. Good beginning, imo. But now I question it and am rewriting the opening. SIGH. Third time's a charm.

Today, after I write until 2, I will be going to see a lawyer. My daughter that was in the accident is apparently going to have to fight for any dimes she gets. It's stupid. We had insurance. (2!) And I had stuff go to collections because the hospital billed improperly and didn't pre-authorize the surgery that took three days to line up while my daughter lay in pain. (There is not enough morphine for what happened to her.)

But now the insurances have overpaid and want to attach any settlement she gets. The whole deal (driver) only has $50k insurance to split between four kids who all had major spinal injuries. What's her percentage gonna be? Not any real ratio on what is honest and fair for a girl who almost died (repeatedly for weeks.) But, it would be nice for her to get enough to pay a year of college tuition. Ya know?

So, send up a prayer for her, if you would.

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So glad to hear about your story trouble in the critique group. I was in a novel critique group once where I showed the first chapter and a synopsis and I got the same reaction "How come the action from the title wasn't in the first chapter?" Hello? Because I have to tell the why it happened, lead up to it first or it makes no sense. All I got was "nope, has to be in the first chapter" so I said "nope, that would be ridiculous" and left the group.

Side note, totally jealous of the massage. I don't get them for fun but for big time muscle spasms too. Massage has got to be a universal truth, the truth of touch.

By Blogger Glenna, at 6:15 AM  

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