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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back AGAIN

I'm home again, got in last night. Survived O'Hare, but, as always, ended up walking about forty miles through the place. Inevitably, my first plane arrives at the far end of one concourse, as far from my connection plane as possible.

Oh well. C'est la vie. (That's life.) My life anyway.

I had a small spinal surgery/procedure this morning. A neuroblation. The dr. deadened nerves that have been pinching all the way down into my left leg, numbing my foot. The entire procedure hurt, and I cried--but then we all know I'm a big crybaby and whiner, so what's new? I slept most of the day away when I got home. Hopefully this will keep the pain at bay for 6 months to 2 years--the expected grow back rate falls in that range.

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All righty then, I'm going to try to post again. Having forgot my alias put a stop to my fun.
I have pics from R.T. and will be sending them across the Mississippi.
How are you doing Jennifer? The surgery procedure sounded really bad. Hope you are pain free for a long time. I know sometimes that's not what we're dealt but that's my wish for you.
Went to everybody's place to drop money, WalMart, and instead of getting needful things I got lost in the book section. Good grief..I may have to go to therapy or some such thing.
Brenda isn't playing nice with us. I've tried calling for 2 days. I sincerely hope the two surgeries went as planned. Will try again later.
You know, walking around Wallyworld simply wore me out. I need to do the household chores I least like: mopping, dusting, vacuuming, you got the picture but I believe I need a nap. Will call my mil so she doesn't interfere with my slumber time.
All from cloudy, raining any minute, Illinois. Hugs, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 12:04 PM  

Sorry Kay that I didn't return your phone calls until today or was it yesterday.. I don't remember. Steve is still in the hospital and won't be getting out before Sunday.. We are going to take Becki's three girls home tomorrow and stay with Becki until Steve is ready to come home.I hope soon.. I am ready for things to calm down. After two days of 5 grandchildren, we need a break.I haven't recovered from RT.
And Kay I think you need help. How many books did you bring home from RT and how many are on your shelves to be read?.. HAHA!!! I know what you mean.. There is always room for 1 more book. But if you need a Dr let me know. I will be going to one soon for my Bertrice Small problems. I thank you for all of the help...Wait, I don't remember any......You just said I was sick.

I enjoyed Rt and seeing Jennifer and our other friends, new and old.
I will be reading Angel Bet sometime soon and let you know what I think.

Later and have a save trip.

By Blogger Brenda, at 4:35 PM  

It's Monday and Steve still isn't home for the hospital..We finally decided to come home and wait and see when he is released. Dr said it might be Thursday. He isn't haven't any major problems. They have tube and pumping everything from his stomache. His colon isn't wanting to push stuff thru, it isn't blocked. It is just taking extra time.
I finally got some needed rest. I slept the whole way home from St Louis yesterday. And didn't get up until after 7 today. We have to go to see David's Mom and do some stuff for her. I am doing laundry and going thru my RT stuff.
Take care everyone...

By Blogger Brenda, at 10:28 AM  

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