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Friday, April 11, 2008

Romantic Times Convention

I'll be heading to the Romantic Times Convention Monday (in Pittsburgh PA). My "costumes" for the evening hooplas are decidedly lame. Just different colored tents. Red for the vampire ball. (Did black the last two years.) Gold for the Hollywood night. Green for the under sea faery ball. But what shoes?

I'm taking a lot of jeans and calling it good in between the tents for dinner.

Meanwhile, I wonder...does anybody care? I just want to be comfortable and sit with friends, and make new ones. And then I wonder...if I'm supposed to be better at costuming because I'm an author...? I used to make costumes for my kids for halloween, but they were much smaller and fabric was much cheaper back then.

Ah well, c'est la vie.

I'm trying to figure out how to get my lotions (full sized bottles) and shampoos transported from MO to PA. If you check bags with those in them, are they okay? Anybody know?

DREAM ACCOUNT: I dream of...drugs. LOL I'd like something to take me away for awhile. I wonder what all you could buy with $101,000? Wait. Perhaps I should buy a small house in South America before I buy some street medications in that amount.'s dream money's going for a modest little villa down south of the border.

What would you spend that type of money on?

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O.K., I'm with you in South America and I'm definitely with you on the zoning out. Stupid details just derail my nice daydreams. You can take whatever liquids, gels, etc as long as they are in checked luggage. At least as of this March. Airlines are changing by the day.
You were discussing and cussing your costumes of choice. Amen to that too. I do wish they'd get off the fairy, goddess whatever theme it is. Not too many of us do the theme justice and wings or whatever are too hard to pack and I simply look ridiculous and that is an understatement. This year it's a black tank dress with huge rhinestone hoops for the Hollywood era. The undersea whatever I have the same dress in a lavender and I'll put some green with it and that's it. Silver thongs for the heels on these old feet. The vampire thing is always the same knit pants and a black knit hoodie. Real original..may wear the silver sandals again. I'm taking some kind of jeans or capris with tops to mix and match and sensible shoes....oh, my gosh..I sound 60 with my "sensible shoes!" Well, so be it!
Think I'll pool my money with you and instead of a modest villa we can upgrade a notch...I can see us now, laughing, watching the ocean, drinking stuff with little umbrellas, be it lemonade or stronger it should come with the appropriate adornment. Then there's our pool boy....Hmmm Oops, this is your call...can we have a pool? Please, please...can we?? Sounds like the kids doesn't it? Well, I just might revert back but maybe I never grew up to begin with. Oh well, south of the border sounds great!
See you Tuesday, hopefully early afternoon if you aren't busy.
Later dear...and to all reading this, I hope your weather is better than windy, rainy, chilly Illinois and enjoy your weekend. Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 4:12 PM  

I am with you guys on the costumes themes, SiMPLE. I am wearing a black glitter shirt, pink boa and black pants for Tuesday. Black pants and shirt and a cape for the Friday party. I have king looking outfit with a crown for King Neptune, don't think I will take a wand but the fairy thing, its has got to go. Lots of jeans and comfy shoes. Tennis shoes I think most of the time.

Do you think I can put some PEPSI's in a suitcase???? Or WAter..

I will throw my money in the pot with you guys. I think the pool boy should be an Alien..And I am for the umbrellas thing. I always wanted one with my drink... See ya in the south...

By Blogger Brenda, at 5:07 PM  

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