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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crows are cawing...

I have a weird and noisy flock of crows cawing outside, flying all around. And no, there's nothing dead.

I know a lot of people love birds, but Alfred Hitchcock ruined me on them, and gave me a healthy respect for cats while he was at the movie business.

It's funny, they've been making noise for an hour and I started writing this, and suddenly they've stopped. I tell you, my world is crazy.

Or maybe I am for noticing silly things like birds going berzerk.

I have ten acres with walnut trees, right? This is walnut picking season. The trees are dropping these big green balls everywhere. Ya gotta be careful not to park under them right now, or you get hail damage type dents.

Anyhow, sometimes we let people who come to our door go out and pick them up. They make money on it. But it's something like a hundred pounds for ten bucks. Takes a lot of damn walnuts to make that.

But some years, we get so tired of people knocking on our door--or worse, just jumping into our fields and stealing them--that we've gotten stingy with our nuts this year. I had one neighbor...he asked, his son (in 20's), and his nephew (40's?) have all asked. I'm getting annoyed. The first time they asked, some of them were already in the field. I told them to get out. Guess they pissed me off by trespassing.

I just don't understand people thinking they can come into your yard and take something that IS sellable.

Then, the kid also came and asked if he could cut my trees, and have the downed wood. I said nope.

Truth is, the property was logged before we bought it. We'd like to get more trees growing up, and they will do so better if there's some of the old ones "melting" back into the ground for enriching the soil. Or, that's my understanding. In any case, we like our downed trees and the idea that a walnut tree might grow up out of some of those nuts.

Hunting season (deer) is about to open up here, too. And we have idiots leaping into our fields to see if they can shoot a deer, too. Some of these idiots literally drive around with loaded guns over their laps, pointing out the windows of their pickup trucks so they can quick aim and shoot.

It IS illegal, but they do it. I'm in a part of the country where people buy real guns for their kids 8th birthdays. Little boys are out there shooting squirrel, possum, coon, and armadillos for fun.

The conservation department got this wise idea to offer free fake deer for people to put in their yard. If you see one of those, it is virtually a "Deer are safe here" sign meaning "Don't shoot." But, it just annoys the hunters all the more and they shoot the hell out of the fake deer. Since they are usually put in front of a house, in the front's like they're doing a driveby.

So, I've opted out of putting one of those out there.

I have one neighbor that put up NO TRESPASSING signs, and some smart ass came through with spray paint and painted over the TRES part. So, they now read NO ASSING.

Since spray paint is no longer sold to minors, you know the idiot you did it was over the legal age. That's the mentality I'm dealing with here, folks.

While the No Assing signs are funny at first glance, it's annoying that people then trespassed, and he called the cops, and the cops said, "Well, technically, your sign no longer says NO TRESPASSING, therefore we can't prosecute."

The signs have been replaced, I kid you not, repeatedly, with the same results.

Also, we live on a dirt road that is a cut-through, apparently, to other more major roads. We only have about 6 houses in the entire hollow which runs a couple miles long. We shouldn't much traffic at all. We also have some people with little children who occasionally get out in the road on their bikes. But...does that slow people down? We have one neighbor who has little kids, but his are up on a hill so not in a road, so he doesn't slow down, and neither does his wife. They've both told me, "People will learn to keep their kids out of the damn road, then, won't they?"

That was after I voiced a concern about one of the other children getting hurt, with so much traffic going through, and some of it being so fast., huh?

And those people have a friggin' Waco arsenal up there, on top of that. Nice to know that man is on our school board, and supporting the local sheriff's election.

Maybe you see this as all normal, but it seems weird to me.

And even weirder, the crows have really stopped making noise. I swear, all day yesterday, they were circling my property, and I couldn't concentrate on a thing.

Anyhow, please post and let me know you're out there and kicking. I'm thinking about starting up my newsletter again, and giving out more gift certificates. Spread the word. Maybe I'll do a special one for the holidays. Sound good? Ready to win something?

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You gave me a good laugh today. I can just see the crows around your house...I love the Bird Movie. Kay and I were just talking about the movie on Tuesday. Funny. I am glad that they are leaving you alone.

Yes, the newsletter sounds good. I enjoy it also. But I love your blog the best.

I went to visit and return a computer to a friend in a nursing home. He is younger than me.. It is so sad. He computer quit, the hard drive died.. Anyway I fixed it and returned it to him. Took some homemade veggie soup to my Mother in law and returned another computer to a 86 year old lady.. It made me feel so good. I am working on another two computers and waiting for my daughter and three granddaughter to come here for 2 days. So lots of fun this weekend. And I am having a Mary Kay party on saturday. They have some really nice products now. I have been to a party for over 20 years.. Anyway that is my plans for the next few days...

By Blogger Brenda, at 6:41 PM  

I used to do the Mary Kay parties all the time. Love the excuse to gather friends for something fun like a facial.

And I need all the help I can get in how to apply that stuff, since I don't do it regularly.

Ditto with make-up.

Their products are nice. I'm sure I should have been using them all along so I wouldn't have wrinkles on my chin of all places!

And their colognes aren't bad either.

I wish I was as good at computer repair as you. What a service!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:11 AM  

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