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Monday, July 07, 2008

Seeds and oils

I've been studying essential oils lately. (I know, my interests are all over the place.)

You know, looking at their healing properties, reading up on what they are supposed to work on. I learned recently that helichrysum is known to heal hearing problems, including deafness from birth. I dunno if it's true but I thought I'd buy some and see if it helps. It's supposed to heal the synapses that are not functioning properly.

I didn't know that essential oils (undiluted, and not the perfume or fragrance dilutions) have an electrical frequency. See:

Or that there are studies done that show illness happens when our body frequencies drop. So, connecting the dots (that someone else has already connected)--if we use the oils properly, we can raise our own body frequencies and thereby fight of disease and illness.

This principle is why natural foods like lemons, onions, garlic, etc. are known to boost our immune systems.

You probably knew all that, but I am continuously amazed at the miracles in nature, and the healing capabilities of our own bodies' ability to rejuvenate itself, given the right vitamins, minerals, oils, etc.

Here's something you might not know, though... Rose oil, pure, undiluted, rosa damascena (which takes about 10,000 flowers to make a pound of oil) has the highest energy frequency of all oils. And it is the one scent smelled round the world at the sightings of Mary, mother of God.

I dunno what you believe, if you believe in that sort of thing... just repeating what I've heard, and what has been documented.


Back to the early comments on electrical freqencies--and how changing our body frequency affects our health, I'm reminded of electric shock therapy. (shiver) The concept has merits but the asylums of horror flicks have made the whole lot of procedural processes repugnant.

If you want to get technical about the effects of electrical impulse on health: (read through the bottom part of the page, it sorta explains how machines of that nature work.)

I think a lot of us have been zapped in small ways by electrical appliances not grounded out properly. I wonder if that burns out the channels it travels or jumps ones that are messed up. Any ideas?

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