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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are you happy now?

I opened an email this morning, you might have seen it already.

Two girlfriends are sitting around, talking about Living Wills. One said, "If I ever get into a vegetative state, living off a machine, and depending on fluids, just unplug me."

So, the other girl gets up, unplugs the computer, throws out the wine, and the first girl says, "You're such a bitch."

I wonder who wrote that originally. I wish people would keep the author's name when they cut and paste quotes or stories or poems.

I'm in physical therapy now, for my back and fibro and nerve problems. They have me playing with balls. Sitting on them. Holding them. Stretching with them. It feels a little silly. And worse because I leave there and start hurting within an hour from all the stretching and twisting. Seems really stupid since it's very mild stuff that shouldn't hurt at all.

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Hello from Illinois, hope this post stays posted. Been having trouble with that so we'll see. Sounds like you are spending the summer going to drs. Hope it is all much better soon.
Afraid my summer news is boring. Trying to think of anything worth printing....still thinking. I could tell you about my 2 grandsons' baseball games and my grandaughter too. Allison (soon 10) decided not to play softball this summer but went to basketball camp and art camp. Guess she wants to do a little of both.
We have a wedding tomorrow...wonder how much weight I can shed before 4:00! Not enough, that's for sure. This summer has put me in a feeding frenzy and it shows..yuk! O.K., now there's got to be something fun going on...still thinking..well good grief, guess I just posted to say hello and goodbye. We are headed to New York in august. Have a wedding the weekend of the 16th. Our very good friends' daughter is getting married (at 39) for the first time. I can't believe Nancy wasn't grabbed up long time ago. She's beautiful, good job and world traveled..I mean the places lots don't go to. India, Tibet, Israel, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece..all backpacking with 2 changes of clothing for 5-6 mo. I forgot Australia but that's more normal. Anyway, I have her letters via email from her trip to Syria, Israel, Tibet, etc and hope to put them in order and bind them , I don't scrapbooking but not quite that either...gotta think on that and quickly I guess. Rachel & co are going to wedding too. Nancy was in hers 17 yrs ago..good grief I'm old.
Been reading my way through lots of books this summer..some I had reservations about starting and found out I really liked them so I guess it pays to read all kinds of "stuff." How is your writing coming along? Hope you can write even though you have lots of pain issues. Take care my dear and I hope I get this posted. Love to you, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 8:17 AM  

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