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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sex. How long is too long?

We all have thoughts on how long we like sex to take, how long is too long, and how short is too short.

I thought you'd find this study interesting:

Heads up to minute men=too short
Heads up to those who take foreplay to the extreme=too long

Anybody care to elaborate on their own preferences? you feel fully satisfied sometimes when your man has fulfilment but you don't get orgasm? Or do you resent the fact that you didn't get it, too?

Any women like a man to suffer through getting her to orgasm and not letting him finish his business.

How many times can you reach a pinnacle of extreme ALMOST orgasm without messing up the big thing when you get it?

Men generally say (polls say, not my personal info here) that they can get close over and over and it doesn't lessen the experience when they finally go over the edge.

But women tend to find the orgasm isn't as intense if they play at the edge too many times. What's your experience? Anybody wanna share?

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