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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny videos!

Hi there. Hope your day is going great.

I've been up since before 6 a.m., but I can't say I've accomplished much.

I have wasted some time watching silly videos. Check out this link to the funniest car commercials.

It's a collection of commercials that runs a little over 7 minutes. I thought the SPORTKA Evil Twin ads were the best. I wonder which ones you'll think are funny.

If you know of some other links to commercials that made you laugh, please post them. I think we can always use something to make us chuckle, or better yet, laugh out loud.

I'm working on science fiction (romance, of course) this morning. So, my heads in the stars. But, my bladder keeps me grounded and running. Tell me, why can you drink a bottle of water (or any fluid) one day, and be able to hold it like a camel, and the next day the same amount has you hot footing it to the toilet every two minutes?

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I have wondered the same thing about water...Let me know when you find out the answer.
I gained 1.8 pounds this week but I didn't do anything but sit on my butt and work on computers. So I think that moving a little helps with the weight loss.. Just guessing.
Becca and Rob are living together now. The kids are so happy, Parker was crying when he was telling us he has a family now.. He's only 7..So they had better not screw this up this time.. I doing ok with it, David and Becki are coming around seeing that Parker and Lexi are so happy. David's Mom said she will not come to any family dinners if Becca is there. Becca's Mom isn't taking well either. That is their lost and they are only hurting self, Rob, and the Kids.

By Blogger Brenda, at 8:14 AM  

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