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Monday, July 06, 2009

Crazy Chinese?

I'm a big fan of chinese food. Love General Tso's Chicken (as mild as you can make it), and Mongolian Beef, and Sez Schuan, rice...

For a brief few moments, I considered giving it all up.

I know, that's insane.

I have actually considered boycotting all of China's products, and then I realized that my local Chinese place is run by American citizens, so I got over boycotting that pretty easy.

Many a time, I've heard about the Chinese putting lead paint on kiddy toys, or melamine in some food product. Pretty friggin' inhumane, the people who do that sort of thing. They should be shot. You know, first in the toe, then in the shin, then the kneecap. You get the idea.

I guess I should say I'm a fan of more than just Chinese food, and angry at more than the lead paint thing. I'm a big cheerer of their cameras and fireworks. Cannot say enough about fortune cookies that bid me good fortune.

Their politics are, as those of us raised during the cold war would say, they are atrocious, something not to trust. For that reason, I probably would have had to turn down free tickets to the Beijing Olympics.

Especially after their attack on the Tibetan months. When you see a country in this modern world shut down ALL internet and cell phones and communications of the masses, you need to sit up and take notice.

I'm sure you're all over informed on this stuff, and I'm a day behind on everything. But have you seen the feeds on the death toll in Xinjiang? For a quick view, go here: (Wait. Don't worry as you scroll down and see blood. The guy pictured survived the riot.)

All of this reminds me that the country of China IS still communist. I'm not an alarmist, not trying to make people do anything but think, and pray. ALthough, I'd be okay if I riled at least one person to a point of waking them up.

While America likes to go and feed the world and fight the fights of the downtrodden, we have some governments/countries who have very opposite political agendas. It is because of these other countries that we need to fight the fights over on the other side of the world. Much better on their soil than ours, as far as I'm concerned.

Have you had a chance to read PACK TABOO yet? It's in the werewolf series NOW IN PRINT and EBOOK from Mojocastle. It's a story about inter-racial romance, but it touches on politics. I'll try and post an excerpt of it sometime soon, see if I can whet the appetites of those who haven't picked it up.

Anyhow, what do you think of the Chinese uprising and all that control they've got? I can't imagine my government blocking off a whole city, locking it down. Can you?

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