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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Missing Hubby's Excuse

So, my husband finally called me.

He's in Alaska. Well, on an island OFF of Alaska. (Or something like that.) Yeah, I know. I should get out a map. He flew to Juneau. Then, his company chopper-hopped him to some other place...that, apparently, shall not be named. Not because it's a great mystery. But, because I don't know if I ever heard it. I'll have to ask on that.

The story is...the phones went out. He couldn't call and he couldn't email. That's his story and he's sticking to it. I choose to believe it, since he sounded so sweet and lonely on the phone.

Am I wrong, or is it cool when a big tough guy shows a little vulnerability when his woman is crying...?

He is a tough guy, too. Strong. A hard worker. I'm very proud of him. Not because I made him that way. Just because he is.

I did teach him how to open doors for women and to take his hat off in buildings. And, um, a few other things.

Can I get into TMI (too much information) territory here? How well do ya want to know me? LOL

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