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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Worth waiting for...

Here's an excerpt from HOOD, which is the next book in the Wanton Werewolf Series. It's told from the point of Giselle Racini, who is introduced in Jack: In the Pack. To set it up, Giselle was bitten one night after leaving this professor's house (Brett Burkett). She found out later that Hood had been there, watching her in bed with the guy. So, now she's an unnatural werewolf, and can only shapeshift on the full moon. HOOD, on the other hand, can shift any time.

I think you'll like this little tease:

I reached up to him, and he met me halfway, kissing me. Like it always was, he put a lot into it. You could never leave his embrace without feeling like he’d given you half his attention.

But his intensity changed pretty quick, and that made me frown up at the ceiling. I mean, when his lips left mine and danced a skip over my cheek and jaw, down my throat, it felt too—calculated? Controlled? Before long, he scooted his attentions lower, and pushed my blouse aside. Tender flicks of his tongue ministered to my breasts and nipples and I wondered…what was he doing?

Usually, Hood devoured me. Made me feel like he couldn’t get enough, fast enough. So, this change bothered me immensely. It was the flipside to the coin I craved. When he slid even lower and dropped his cheek to my breast, and went still, it hit me.

Déjà vu to my last time with Brett Burkett.

I couldn’t move. Especially when he finally asked, “What do you want, Giselle? A pretty little house in a quiet town where people don’t know about the big bad wolves at the door?”

What could I say?

I wanted to push him off of me, and crawl away—scramble for a place to lick my wounds, and my pride. A place where he couldn’t watch, and see what he was doing to me. Worse—I didn’t want that—fantasy of Brett’s.

Sure, I pondered it from time to time, wondered what it would have been like if I hadn’t left his house that night. But I know, now, that Hood was there, already. That there had never been a choice for me.

He let me think about his words for several minutes before he lifted his head and said, “The wolves aren’t outside the door, Giselle.”

I knew that. They were inside. In my heart. In my head. Like he’d been inside Brett’s house that night, watching us. Always watching, waiting.

Twisting my lips in the semblance of a smile, I said, “Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?”

Now you know who coined that phrase. (Garou.)

His return smile had a hint of sadness in it, but he agreed. “Yeah.” He dropped a kiss on my chin and asked, “You mind if I continue what I started?”

That dragged another little harrumph of a chuckle from me. In my head, I thought What?
Trying to piss me off? But out loud, I said, “Do your best. Who am I to stop you? It’s not like it’s a full moon, is it?”

Hood thought that was funny. Ducking his head, he said, “No, it’s not.” Then I got the full, honest, treatment I was used to...

Yep, it goes on.

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Reading this makes me realize how much I miss the eXtasy books! I only have up to PACK CITY, so i'm missing the third, and other books I wanna buy! So hopefully it will open soon.
Too this excerpt got me more of a feel of Giselle and her personality and loved the flow reading this! Thanks for posting it.

By Blogger Caffey, at 9:36 PM  

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