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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What you want to read...?

I've looked at other blogs and see that some are very boring--to me, at least. Some do nothing but list what the blogger is doing for the day. Like, an online posting of a life agenda. Some just ramble. Others only advertise.

I don't want to bore anyone. I can't help but ramble sometimes. I do it when I write. I do it when I talk. I do it when I think.

But, I want to make this blog of interest to all. So, please tell me what sort of things you would like to see as topics here. Are you interested in the life of a writer, and how many hours I spend in front of a keyboard?

Or, are you interested in my personal life, my friends, my family, growing up and how I got to be the way I am? Or is that tmi (too much information)?

Would you like to read/talk about sexual issues, or romance?

Are tough issues like abuse, neglect, or crime a taboo? My husband said he thought that I might have stepped off the deep end when I posted about abuse the other day.

Do you prefer to get on here and snatch a piece of short fictional tease? I mean, I can write a paragraph or two a day that'll turn ya on--if that's what you're looking for. I think my husband enjoys that concept. So, I'll post that today for him.

Give me some feedback, if you would.

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Carys, my blog I did once and didn't go back yet! LOL. But I will. I just want to talk about the books I read. Cuz sometimes I'll post about them and no one replies so I thought i'd have a place to keep all what I felt about what I read. I just got to learn how to do another post at my blog. I thought I did but I tried and will again later.
For yours, I keep coming back to chat here! Oh I think there will always be a controversial issue with one but not another, and people have the choice to reply to them or not. I love coming becuase you have such a vairety, excerpts, what you're working on, romance, your family and friends, and you say TMI but I think they are great in making me think further into myself about that subject or similar. I've had times, I did it with you, smile, that I went on and explained my health and all and you might be on the other side rolling your eyes or you might be one who says I so understand, I went through so and so and its great to talk to someone. So for me, some issues i'll get right into on this blog, if it was one I didn't know much about or no opinion, i'll leave it for others to reply. I obviously love to chat books, smile.

By Blogger Caffey, at 9:48 AM  

Hi, Caffey--and all.

Rest assured, I'm not over here rolling my eyes at you, or the things you write. Maybe over some of the things I've written. LOL

Certainly over some of the things I've done--or my husband's done.

(I know he reads my blog daily--so I like to poke at him. It's the only poking we're getting while he's out of state.)

Better be the only poking he's getting, period.

I'd hate to have to do my last blog on how I shot my husband.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 10:01 AM  

ROFL Carys!!! You made the best on using the poke! I'm still laughing and bet he's smiling over those miles.

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:06 PM  

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