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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Take 2 on RT

Take two aspirin and call me when it's over. Only aspirin wouldn't be enough.

The drug of choice there was alcohol.

Every night was a party and most people started getting happy at the mixer hour, sometimes a few hours before that--out on the patio/verandah--whatever you call the longest porch in the history of the world.

Before I went, I knew that every night was going to be a party--that's what RT's claim to fame is. A luau, a vampire ball, a faery ball, a racy rockin' 60 smash, a pajama party. Hundreds of people dressed up. The rest of us in jeans and comfy stuff, gawking, smirking, and plotting--if we came again--would we, could we dare to be so bold?

The costumes came in every range and style, from the homemade to professional, from flimsy and skimpy, to extra folds and layers.

My favorite quote of the week was from my editor, Stefani Kelsey, who came to the faery ball in a very good elf costume. There was everything from sprites to ninja spider web wing creatures to the faery king there. Now, remember, the chick buys my books--she gets my sense of humor, like you do, and she's made a living off of reading erotica. I took one look at her, squinted--she looked so cute--like Legolas's little sister or something, and asked, "What are you? An elf?" She nodded, "Yeah. Fuck the faeries." She had the smirkiest little grin and I thought, "You rock!" She is SO cool.

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