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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Take one on RT

The Romantic Times Convention 2006 was set in the beautiful Hilton on Daytona Beach. I liked every employee I met there. And the volunteer staff for RT, in particular, ran their butts off. Hats off to all of them! a restaurant reviewer, I'll say their five star restaurant status is...only because of the name on the outside of the hotel. Presentation stunk. Some dork in the kitchen thought that putting one cherry tomato on the plate--at each meal--was classy. Sorry, it was laughable. Veggies were all overcooked--to the point of brown broccoli--and that was not very appetising.

I even had a roll, get this, with MOLD on it. Yeah, that turned me off the banquets real fast. I say, go, see, hang out on the patio--that was great. Take your meals outside the place--save yourself a ton of money and get a better meal.

I highly recommend the BBQ place located catty corner to the Hilton. Ate there twice. It was good both times.

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Nothing ruins an experience like crappy food and service. I can hardly believe Hilton would serve up moldy food. Isn't that a health hazard? I think our health inspectors would have something to say about that if it happens in our local restaurants.

By Blogger snowflake, at 1:25 AM  

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