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Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm always thinking about dying. How about you?

Today, I'm consumed with the thought that I need a change. What to do with my hair? I have one daughter that thinks I need to go blonde. Never done that before.

Went black. Don't want to go back. I have terribly white skin, so it looked rather shocking on me, imo. And I dunno what was in my head--back then--absolutely insisted on wearing red lipstick. (Yeah, too much! For my complexion anyway--hubby liked it.)

I thought about blonde with a streak of some electric color around the bottom. Does that sound like a desperate attempt to stay young, or get noticed? I don't think I'll do that because I don't want people to think I'm desperate for anything.

Though I might be!

I dye my hair shades of dark brown-to-auburn all the time. Covering gray I'm too young to have. (Sigh)

I've got an expensive appointment set before my daughter's wedding next month--at a good salon. SO GOOD that I saw this lady at Walmart and said, "Oh , my goodness, who does your hair? It looks beautiful." She told me where to go. Her hair had a nice cut plus one of those three or four color dye deals that blended perfectly.

So, I should look half way decent for the wedding, anyway. I'm thinking I need a complete makeover.

I met a gal in Oklahoma City this last weekend that I swear, she looked familiar, her name rang a bell but the face I was looking at was not the one in my memory. She'd had a personal trainer. Lost 150 pounds or more. Yeah. She looked amazing. Inspired me to want something again.

But I have no time (or money) for a personal trainer this month. How about you? Any thoughts on dye jobs or personal trainers? Makeovers on a budget? Got a super workout at home tape you can recommend? (Or would that be dvd now?)

I wish Oprah would pick me out of the crowd and say, "You! Let me fix you!" Because, you know, if Oprah points at you, you're good as gold. Feel free to write in to her and say, "Fix one of my favorite authors in the world, Oprah! She needs it!"

OOH. Maybe we could get a show with all of us on it. Carys Weldon and her fans all get worked male masseuses (Calvin Klein underwear models?) with oil. What do you think? If enough of you wrote in, we'd get noticed you know. That's how it works.

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Is there a Merle Norman cosmetics store near you? They do free cosmetic makeovers. Their makeup may be a little pricey, but not as much as Avon's "prestige" line I used to get.

I'm not quite sure about you as a blonde, though. Blonde highlights would look good, I think. The electric color around the bottom would be fun, but probably best to keep that for after the wedding. (Geez, I typed "weeding" three times before I got it right.) :)

I could go for a personal trainer. If he looked mighty fine. ;) Though, I doubt Curves has those and that's where I'm about to start going.

By Blogger Jen, at 6:58 AM  

I'm no help here. I couldn't decide and just went for all the colors. heh heh

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 7:54 AM  

Ever tried sun in? It works without sun now days. You can do streaks, a lot around the face, a little on the ends. Blow dry and lighten. You know how dark Myriah's hair is. It worked really well on her hair.

Don't try the strip and bleach thing if you decide to go blond. It destroys your hair. Myriah tried it last year and her hair hasn't recovered yet.

She talked me into going black a few years ago, and I'd never go back either. Picture me with black hair. Not working. I've tried the light brown and soft auburn. They did okay. But no matter what I do to my hair the color fades quickly the yellow and gray bleed through and I've finally given up and just let it be what ever shade of blondish gray it wants to be on it's own.

I wouldn't do anything drastic before the wedding. Always a bad choice to do drastic things to your hair before an important event. Try spray colors that wash out to see what colors suit you. Try temporary colors that wash out. Or drop into a wig store at the mall and try on different colors to find one that goes well with you face and skin tones.

Personally, I love your hair the way it is. It's a good color and perfect length for you. Wash, roll, and fluff. You will knock 'em dead.

By Anonymous vck, at 11:39 PM  

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