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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kids and mothers

How is your week going? Mine is filled with kid things, what with the end of school on top of us. And a vacation looming.

Last night, I had a band concert and National Honor Society induction to go to--for my youngest daughter. Today, I have to take my son to the dentist. Tonight, I have to take them both to church activities. Thursday, I will be at a band awards banquet, and Friday, at the sports banquet. Mostly doing it all for one over-achiever girly girl who is spoiled rotten. (I had a great need to put that in writing for the world to see.)

My 22 yr old daughter brought a cake from DQ last celebrate my birthday and mother's day--which are days away. It was great, and a total surprise. Why so early, you might ask?

Well, it could be the same reason I called my mom FOR MOTHER'S DAY this last Sunday. Early is better than late or not at all? Because I believed a ninny who insisted it was mother's day, and argued until I gave in and said, "Oh, I must've had my dates wrong." DUH.

Do you ever let someone talk you into things that are just messed up? I, of course, had to laugh when my mom laughed at me for calling a week early. I SAID it was because we were both going to be traveling on the real day. We talked for hours. But, I don't think I fooled her. I'm always a day late, a dollar short, and flying by the seat of my pants--which is a large surface to skid with, if I may say so.

One of my girls thinks I should buy my children presents on Mother's Day because...get this...they stay alive so I can keep enjoying mother's day. Yeah. I'd knock her in the head if she'd step closer.

(That's the one that was almost killed last year--I AM thinking about buying her a present. And, of course, you can't do that without buying them all one.)

Another jumped on the band wagon. She says I should buy them presents because I believe they are mothers in the making and all mothers should get presents. (I tell them that every time they argue the why of having to do housework that they think is my job.)

I told that one to get the father of her children to give her presents--(she doesn't have children yet, or a boyfriend, so HA!) and on second thought to get her own father to buy presents for all of us.

Of course, he's fresh off a 2 day trip from Alaska--spent in airports across the country--hasn't had much sleep--AND had to fix the pump in our well the minute he got home. So, you know he's thinking happily about all the gifts he wants to give us. Not. He's in there, enjoying his own bed. Funny, how a month away makes you forget how much a guy snores and hogs the bed. Man, I missed being able to reach out and touch his skin in the night.

I'm one of those touchy feely folks that wake up repeatedly, reach out, snuggle up, kiss a couple spots on the back or shoulder or chest. Make him jump when I...well, you can use your imagination on that one.

How about you? Are you into that sort of thing, or want your s.o. to stay the hell on the other side of the bed, or better yet in another room--or state...? Are your kids running your lives? Have they grown up and moved out? And still running your life? Share a little about yourself here. I don't have to be the only one giving too much information.

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Hey buddie, You know my story, I sleep with a really big dog, and a Great Dane. The Dane and I think the man is the intruder. That's our bed. My son got his permit yesterday. Now I have two teens with driving permits in the house. There isn't enough valium in the world for that kind of anxiety. My daughter Myriah graduates the 26th and XMen 3 comes out the same day. I may have to flip a coin. Bet I can manage both.

Anyway, Happy mother's day to you. Give that big lug of yours a hug for me and tell him we missed him at OWFI this year. Love ya both, and hi to the girls. See you in Arkansas.

By Anonymous vck, at 10:21 AM  

My kids are grown and three of the four are parents themselves.
I am a leave me the hell alone sleeper--my husband is too warm at night and if he snuggles-- then I can't sleep.

By Blogger Estella, at 11:31 AM  

I'm a wolverine fan. (See my werewolf book HOOD.)

So, I'd be hard pressed on the coin flip. Might have to say...can someone just record the graduation for me? (I hate those sort of things. Bleachers are too hard these days. I swear they were softer when I was a kid!)

Okay, just kidding. Like a good mom, I ALWAYS put my interests behind my kids.

Just last night, I went to a boring band award ceremony for my youngest daughter instead of a cool tarot class the Maiden of Mystery ( was giving in Springfield, Missouri.

My daughter's band teacher is a bozo. For six years straight, he's given awards to the same girl. You know, "the best student I have" award?

It doesn't hurt that he has dinner with her skinny little blond mom. Yes, saw this myself. The two of them, both married elsewhere, sitting cozy side to side, thigh to thigh, shoulder and elbow to shoulder and elbow, in a big ol' booth at Fuddruckers, Springfield, Mo at the 'tween lunch and dinner hours.

But this year, he took the cake. Due to divorce, (Ha! No surprise there since she was playing with the band leader!) the girl and her mom moved out of the school district. I thought we'd see something new and cool at the awards ceremony. BUT NO, he invited the girl back. Even though she was not even in our school district, he gave her the damn award again! Can you believe that bullshit?

And I had a wicked thought...that his genitalia would rot off soon...that's how bad I am. (Go ahead, pray for me.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 6:57 AM  

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