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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Libertine and Casanova

I watched a few movies lately and I had to report in on those.

Libertine with Johnny Depp.
I'm a Depp fan, no doubt. And I'm a sex fan, no doubt, too. But this movie, well, hm. Don't plug it in when there are kids, oh, under 18 in the room. Or when you're not ready to see representations of phallix. Listen closely and you'll find that pretty much every line is about sex and whoredom. In 17th Century tongue, some of it sinks in two seconds later. Or, at least for me, it did. You can have my slit for...(price)--was slid into a tirade. Anyhow, I won't say it's a bad movie. ready for it. And don't think you'll love the ending, either. It's based on a true story.

Casanova with Heath Ledger.
I'm a Ledger fan, straight up. I don't really think he was the best choice for Casanova. I would have put Johnny in there first. However, this movie is fun, and well done, imo. And it leaves you smiling.

Now, I'm watching UNDERWORLD 2. If you haven't seen Underworld, get that first.

Vampires and Werewolves together. Cool graphics. I'm gonna have to recommend it. Two brothers, one a werewolf, and the other a vampire. How can that NOT be good?

But, it's got gushy blood. And the vampires and werewolves aren't luring people in sexy ways. They're rippin' throats. And they're a little gross at times.

However, the guy that stars...that's been bit by the werewolf and a vamp...he's a nice choice. I like the way he doesn't wanna drink from a blood bag and she says, "Do it or you'll be sorry. You'll be drinking from humans instead when you get hungry!" (Paraphrased of course.) But, she talks him into it. (It's Adam and Eve all over again. She's the one that sees sense.)

And the chick, she's cool. She leaps from cliffs and kicks butt Matrix style.

But, the scene to how orgasmic (yes) it is to watch him suck blood from her wrist. No sex involved but the look on his face, and

And that's before we get the unzipping of latex and removal of leather...for a naked sex scene--

And the kiss at the end...all men should kiss like that. That's all I'm saying.

Oh. And one other movie. FAILURE TO LAUNCH.
Matthew McConaghey. Sexy and funny. I chuckled all the way through it. I say GO. RENT.
I'm not a Sarah Jessica Parker fan, but hey...I wasn't lookin' at her.

Anything you'd like to recommend?

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Did you catch my review of Underworld 2? It's on my blog under Vampire Wine. heh heh

I want to see the other two. Both very, very hot men.

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 4:25 PM  

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