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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tease from Pack Taboo

Okay, to set this up--Pack Taboo should be released soon. This is Letha, a bastet (cat shapeshifter) and Barklay (a werewolf).

...he took a lot of time kissing me. You know, kissed me once, looked at the spot, kissed me again right in the same place. Then, tipped his head, found another spot.

Did the same thing again and again. Over and over. (So long I forgot about the dead body in the corner.)


At first, I kept trying to kiss him back—throw a pucker up here and there, try to snatch his lips. Then I realized that he was ignoring me, completely and totally intense on his little, private game. It took me a bit to get it.

He systematically covered me with kisses. One side, then the other. High. Low. On my nose. Temple to temple. All along my jaw line.

And, oh, when he went down under my ears…trailing kisses and a few tongue flicks toward my breasts, I thought I was gonna die. I mean, I was totally squirming under him.

See what he did to me, does to me, every time? Has me writhing beneath him.

He used his teeth to pull the bow of lacing loose (on the corset.) Yeah, he had to tug a few times. I loved it. Thought, Gaia fucking sexy. Then he just nudged the top with his nose, let his tongue slip under the edge of it.

My hands were on his shoulders. We were fully dressed. And I had never been so hot in my life. Except maybe back in the car with him.

After all my years teasing men, I knew what a tease really was. No wonder they clawed after me.

No wonder he had me at the first hooded glance. I didn’t know if I was coming or going, but I knew I wanted to come more than anything else.

Did I mention that a garou tongue is about as long as anything you’ve ever seen? Not that I was looking. I was too busy groaning with my eyes closed. But I felt that marvelous wonder of his work its way, at an angle, under the leather shirt, to tingle-touch my nipple. Yeah. Tingle-touch. That arousing, almost makes you want to giggle, you can’t hardly stand it, type of tease?

First one. Then the other. Return to the first. Lave a little longer in its flick and lick, until they were both puckered up, begging to be sucked. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more. I reached up between us, and yanked the sides of the corset completely wide, begging, “Oh, my Gaia, get to it!”

He chuckled, pushed my breasts up—but damn if he didn’t do anything but lie like that, just enjoying the feel of my skin against his nose.

I groaned. Boxed him in the ears.

Not hard. Just enough to get his attention. To bring his head up.

I tipped my head up, too, and looked him in the eye. “Are you trying to drive me crazy?”

He grinned. Now, let me tell you something about Barklay’s face. It’s pleasant. Not pointy. Not flat. Nicely rounded features. His lips aren’t fat, but they aren’t skinny. Same with his nose. In human, he just looks…happy. Like he was made to make you feel good.

Maybe it’s because, with me, he’s in his own little heaven. Or I see him that way because he makes me feel like I’ve gone and lost myself in tongue-fucking nirvana.


There’s a light in his eyes. I feel like it shines just for me. That he wonders how he got so lucky—every time he looks at my face.

Honestly, he said, “You make me crazy. It’s only fair.”

“Could have fooled me.” I couldn’t tell I was making him crazy. I mean, his whole body had been very still—just his tongue and head moving.

The growl rose up from down in his groin. I felt it roll up between us. He asked, rather dangerously, “Don’t taunt me into showing you how crazy I feel. I’m trying to make this pleasant.”

I felt like I’d had my whiskers popped. Confused. I ‘pussed’ my lips.

Bark growled again, rocked into me, so he could reach my mouth with his.

I have never been kissed like what he does. I mean, I never know what he’s gonna do next. Hard kiss, soft kiss. Tongue. Eat me alive. Always leaves me guessing. And every time I think I know how to meet him in the middle, he changes on me.

It’s good and it’s bad.

Makes him happy to know he’s got me like that. I know, because he chuckles every time he sees that look in my eyes. I stopped asking, “What the hell are you doing? I can’t keep up.” Or… “I don’t know how to—” Cut off with another kiss. Or the damn flick of a tongue to my nose.

He totally enjoys himself at my expense.

And, truth? I love the pleasure it brings him. I smile like an idiot in wonderland the whole time.

There is nothing neater than feeling him rumble from deep down, while he has me pinned. While he looks down on me in delight—at the prospect of all he wants to do to me—all he plans to do to me.

I revel in it. I just want to sigh, look up at the ceiling and thank Gaia. I never knew love—making love—could be so sweet.

Not that I’d ever tell him.


He wouldn’t believe I said the word.

The minute I thought it, I realized I had to do something. But, really, that’s how fast he had me. (How long had we known each other at that point? Not very long.)

I screwed up my face, and said, “Get on with it, or get off of me.”

So, you wanna see shock? You wanna see an instant change?

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